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Here’s my honest review based on my many experiences with the site! screenshot

I discovered earlier this year when the little one went through a growth spurt and none of her clothes (or shoes) fit her.

I had exhausted our local consignment shops and needed a broader pool and I thought: there must be a website that sells used kid’s clothes, right?

I discovered and ordered from two, and Today I will share my review with a sample order and some tips & tricks for getting the best deals. logo Review: My Experience

To be honest, my first impression of was not very positive. I ordered a pair of shoes which ended up being several sizes smaller than described.

I tried to return them and Justin in customer service emailed me back and said to keep the shoes and then gave me a full refund.

I gave the shoes to a friend and her little one ended up living in them for months, so overall I guess it was a win. But I shied away from the site for months after that. order of books and outfits
When I got a free shipping offer in an email a few months later I decided to give them another try. This time my experience was excellent!

I got my girl two outfits, a pair of PJs, and 8 winter/Christmas books all for under $20. The clothes were from great brands (baby Gap, Garnet Hill, Old Navy and Jumping Beans) and were in like-new condition. The order is pictured above. 

Since then I’ve ordered from over a dozen times and I’ve been happy with everything. It pays to give something another chance, even if your initial impressions wasn’t great! Tips & Tricks

First of all, new customers get free shipping on their first order. So this is a great way to try out the site without shelling out a shipping fee.

Second, I have found the best deals by searching for and buying “sets”. People selling their stuff on can group items into a set, and most often these are cheaper on a per-item basis than individual items.

For example, I got two of the above shirts and one pair of pants in a set for $6. Individual items start at $3 so anything less than that is a great deal. I also got all of the books in a set for $4! order exampleHere is a screenshot of how I searched for the sets. I added the filters of “3T” and “Girls”, then I searched for the term “set”. It brought up all 711 sets of clothes, many of which contain items for less than $2 each.

swap closet clean out image
Third, consider selling your kid’s clothes on They sometimes aren’t accepting new inbound shipments, so you’ll have to catch it at the right time. 

And last, when you create an account you will receive email promotions, including future free shipping offers similar to what I mentioned above. It is great to not have to pay shipping.

Thanks for reading my review and I hope this helps you find a great deal on secondhand kid’s clothes on!

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M Washington

Monday 23rd of August 2021

Just a general question - how long did it take for to process your order and ship your items?


Friday 3rd of September 2021

It takes longer than amazon but shorter than Zulily if that helps! I'd say about a week to 10 days from order to receiving the items.


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Wednesday 1st of November 2017 is amazing. They have great products. Use my referral link and get 20% off on your first order:

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