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Ethos Review: Hassle-Free Life Insurance For Busy People

on October 16, 2018

My family’s financial security is one of the highest priorities in my life, and I’m guessing it is just as important to you.

That’s why I’m sharing my personal experience with Ethos life insurance in this post (these are my referral links) as well as why I failed at my previous attempts to get decent life insurance coverage for my family.

Ethos is life insurance for people who don’t have time for fine print, extra medical appointments, and hidden fees. 


Say “Yes” To Healthy Tricks & Treats with PlateJoy!

on October 10, 2018

Halloween Prep with PlateJoy

October is such a fun month… spooky decorations, kids in cute costumes, and just all the Halloween fun in general.

However, with all the great things that come with Halloween, there’s also the processed candy and temptation to indulge that sweet tooth with unhealthy sweets.

Too much sugar can cause havoc on the body; causing fatigue, weight gain, and headaches. It also increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Read more...

North Carolina State Fair Money Saving Tips!

on October 3, 2018

I am a huge fan of the North Carolina State Fair and have taken my daughter every year since she was two years old!

While the fair is loads of fun, it can also get expensive – especially when you are visiting as a family. Here are some basics on the fair and my tips for saving money.

North Carolina State Fair 2018 Dates & Hours

The 2018 NC State Fair begins October 11th, 2018 and runs until October 21st, 2018. Read more...

How I’m Flying My Family Across the Country For Under $150

on September 30, 2018

If you are following me on Instagram or Facebook you may know I’m planning a trip to the West Coast this fall. I haven’t been out west in years so I am excited to go in about a month!

In this post, I’m sharing how I managed to get flights to the west coast and back for my whole family for under $150. You’ll learn some of my tactics for flying on the cheap with points and miles as well as how I find the cheapest flights! Read more...

Fitting Into a New Home and Keeping Your Bills Low

on August 13, 2018

I was compensated for this post but all opinions are my own. 

Budgeting is difficult under normal everyday circumstances, but when you are trying to move into a new home it can seem downright impossible!

If you’ve ever had to manage incoming and outgoing for your family, then you’ll know that even something sneaky such as getting some snacks or buying a gift can be taxing on the budget.

The added stress of moving and every managerial task that comes with it, you’re eventually going to snap if you don’t know how to manage it calmly. Read more...

Budget-Friendly Kids Party Ideas For Your Little One

on August 7, 2018

I was compensated for this post but all opinions are my own. 

There are so many things to consider when it comes to your little one’s birthday! This is where a bit of preparation and planning can help you and your budget out, and you’ll be able to take the time to celebrate with your kids, and not just run around like a headless chicken.

You can start by ignoring the competitive parents, and stop beating yourself up – your kids will love the fact the day is all about them, and everything else is just a bonus. Read more...

The Easy Way to FINALLY Reach Your Savings Goals + $25 Bonus To Get You Started!

on May 6, 2018

I have a secret weapon for saving money and I’m sharing it with you today! I use a free Captial One 360 savings account to automatically set money aside for various needs every month.

I’ll show you how to set up an account and automate your savings to finally save that money you have been meaning to save!

Before I had this savings hack in place, I struggled to put money aside in a savings account. Read more...

NEW! Free 2-Day Shipping With Target Debit Card!

on March 10, 2018

I’ve had a Target debit card for years and I absolutely love it. The perks of the card got even BETTER this week when Target added free 2-day shipping on most items for REDcard holders!

Read on to learn about the excellent perks of this card and how you can use it to save on your Disney vacation.

Target Debit Card Perks

If you do any shopping in Target stores or it makes sense to get this card. Read more...

How Credit Sesame Is Helping Me Rock My Finances This Year

on February 3, 2018

How Credit Sesame can help your monitor your credit card debt, improve your credit score, and rock your finances this year!

One of my goals for 2018 is to pay down some lingering credit card debt. Since the average US household has over $15,000 in credit card debt, I’m likely not alone in wanting to pay off some debt.

One tool that has already been a huge help to me this year is Credit Sesame. In this review, I’ll explain how to sign up, why it is safe, and how Credit Sesame can help you achieve your financial goals! Read more...

60% Off At Schoola: Save Big On Secondhand Clothing!

on February 3, 2018

Get a whopping 60% off at Schoola through Monday, 2/5/18 when you enter the promo code HEART at checkout!Schoola is one of my favorite sources for quality secondhand clothing for myself and my daughter. I just ordered eight items (four pairs of jeans and four shirts) for a grand total of $18.99 shipped, including items from Calvin Klein, Bershka, and divided.

Shipping is free on orders of $25 or starts at $5.99.  Read more...

My Pick For The Best Cash Back Credit Card + $200 Sign-Up Bonus!

on February 2, 2018

Today I’m sharing my go-to credit card for earning cash back on regular spending.

When I’m not trying to earn lucrative sign-up bonuses for travel with points and miles, I’m looking to earn the most cash back possible on my everyday purchases!

There are TONS of cash back cards out there, but here’s why the American Express Blue Cash Everyday card is my pick for the best cash back credit card:

  • No annual fee
  • Earns 3% cash back at grocery stores & 2% cash back at gas stations
  • $200 cash back signup bonus
  • 0% interest on purchases and balances transfers for 15 months (great for consolidating debt)
  • Gives you access to Amex Offers to save even more!

How To Achieve Your New Year’s Debt Resolutions

on January 17, 2018

Guest Post by Andy from Penny Less Dad

Everyone is fast and prompt at making new year’s resolutions. But very few actually stick to their resolutions through the end of the year.

It’s not that we don’t want to follow and chase our resolutions throughout the year. It’s just that we fix goals that are beyond our capability, and we aim for things that are beyond our reach.

In this post, I’ll keep things simple and steady so that you can actually achieve your new year’s debt resolutions!


My 2018 Goals & Word of the Year + Last Year’s Goals Wrap-Up

on January 15, 2018

I had a lot of words in the running for my 2018 word-of-the-year… gratitude, connect, and enrich are just a few!

I decided on enrich because it applies to many areas of my life I want to work on this year. I want to make the time to enrich myself. I want to enrich the lives of my readers with content that is helpful and inspiring. And I want to enrich my relationships with my family and friends. Read more...

Learn How To Save on Groceries & Keep More Money in Your Pocket Every Month!

on January 5, 2018

Groceries are a huge expense for our family, second only to our house payment. And our grocery budget is not a rigid expense – it’s one expense I have a lot of control over!

Therefore I LOVE to find ways to save money on groceries and make my life easier at the same time. Erin Chase (of $5 Dinner fame) has created a course that does just that – help free up your time and money by giving your grocery budget a makeover! Read more...

Four Steps To Meeting Your Financial Goals in the New Year

on December 30, 2017

Earlier this month some of you shared your financial goals with me in this post. I loved learning about what you hope to accomplish in the new year!

Here are some of your goals:

  • Save for children’s college
  • Pay down student loans
  • Build emergency savings fund
  • Work from home and have more time with friends and family
  • Have money for travel
  • Figure out to truly live within our means

I’m going to help you meet these goals with a simple plan of attack based on what I’ve learned over the years about achieving goals. Read more...

Joany: Earn $25 Cash + Get Help With Health Insurance

on December 6, 2017

Picking a health insurance plan that will save you money and cover what you need can be an overwhelming task. That’s why there are companies like Joany to help people decide on the best plan for their needs.

Joany is a healthcare “concierge” service for people that buy their own health insurance. It is totally free to use and you’ll earn $25 when you take their healthcare survey!

Since my husband and I are self-employed, we buy our own health insurance through the marketplace. Read more...

17 Super Fun Ideas For A Family No Spend Weekend!

on December 3, 2017

Taking on a no spend challenge is a fun way to create a little breathing room in your budget. Weekends are often a time when families spend money on entertainment, eating out, and activities, so they are the perfect place to start!

Here are seventeen ideas for having a super fun no spend weekend with your family. As you can tell from the pictures, we have done ALL of these ourselves at one point or another! Read more...

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