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Amazon Warehouse Deals 2024 Ultimate Guide

Find secret Amazon Warehouse deals on the app and site using my proven tips and tricks!

how to find amazon warehouse deals

Amazon Warehouse is a little-known way to score huge discounts on Amazon. 

However it isn’t easy to find the best bargains – you have to know a few secret tricks, which I’ll show you below. 

I’ve used these tricks for years to save 30-80% off of stuff I’m buying anyway on Amazon. I’ve saved hundreds of dollars over time using these tricks!

Read on to learn how to score incredible deals on Amazon Warehouse.

What Is Amazon Warehouse?

amazon warehouse quality preowned and open box items

Amazon Warehouse is a lesser-known section of the Amazon site that sells returned and open-box items

These items are often returned to Amazon in brand new condition, checked over, and then sold at a significant discount on Amazon Warehouse. 

The most important thing to understand about these items is that even when they are labeled as “used”, they are almost always new items that have just been returned.

Some items may not come in their original packaging, which will be indicated on the item. 

What Does Used Like New Mean?

used like new item on amazaon warehouse

When I first started hunting for deals on Amazon Warehouse  I was confused by the “Used – Like New” label. 

Was I actually buying a used item, like I would on eBay?

The answer is no, the items are not “used” in the way you would think. 

“Used Like New” just indicates that the item has been returned to Amazon. 

Items are brand new and in the original packaging unless the description says otherwise. 

example of used acceptable item on amazon warehouse deals

If there is any damage to the item or packaging, the item will be listed as “Used – Very Good” to “Used – Acceptable” with a detailed description of the condition. 

I have ordered everything from “Acceptable” through “Like New” and have found the descriptions to be accurate 95% of the time. 

Can Amazon Warehouse Deals Be Returned? 

free returns on amazon warehouse

Since you are taking a small risk on an open box item, there is a generous return policy on Amazon Warehouse. 

A used or open box item purchased from Amazon Warehouse can be returned within 30 days of receipt of shipment.

So if you aren’t happy with your item, you can return it. 

I always check for the “FREE Returns” label during checkout though, just to be 100% sure I won’t be charged for a return. 

How Do I Find Amazon Warehouse?

It is super tricky to navigate to Amazon Warehouse from the Amazon homepage.

I suggest clicking here to get to Amazon Warehouse and then adding a bookmark to your browser to access it more easily in the future.

Otherwise, the easiest way to get there is to Google “Amazon Warehouse” and click the first link to go directly there. 

Steps for Finding the Best Deals on Amazon Warehouse

columbia raincoat on amazon warehouse

Now onto the steps I use to regularly score incredible deals, such as this Columbia Waterproof Rain Jacket I just bought for $20 instead of the list price of $75.

Here are the steps I use to find the best deals (I will explain the steps in detail below):

  • Search in Amazon Warehouse ONLY for the item I want 
  • Click on a category in the left sidebar
  • Sort by Price: Low to High

Then I start digging for treasure in the results!

Next, I’ll describe the steps in detail with screenshots.

Step 1: Search in Amazon Warehouse Only

how to search for an item on amazon warehouse


This first step is the one that hangs me up most often. 

When you start to type in the items that you want to search for, Amazon will give you a helpful drop-down menu with suggestions. 

To see results on Amazon Warehouse only, DO NOT click on any of the suggestions!

YOu have to fully type in what you are looking for then click return.

If you click on any suggestion, you will end up searching for that term on all of Amazon instead of exclusively in Amazon Warehouse. 

So while it is tricky to remember to fully type in the search term, it’s the only way to narrow your results to only those on Amazon Warehouse which is where the crazy deals are found.

Step 2: Select a Category

narrow by department

To find the best deals, you’ll first have to select a category first before you can sort by price. 

I always just select the category that best matches what I want to buy from what is listed on the left menu.

For example, if I am searching for a queen sheet set, I will click on “Bedding Sheets & Pillowcases” within Amazon Warehouse to narrow my search (see image above). 

After you select a category you can move on to the next step.

Step 3: Sort by Price Low to High

select sort by price low to high

And the last step is to sort your results by price. 

You do this by clicking on the “Sort by” button on the top right part of your screen. 

The default is almost always to sort by “Featured” but you want to click on “Price: Low to High” to find the absolute best bargains. 

Now you can find the hidden treasure on Amazon Warehouse!

Step 4: Weed through the results for the best deals

low priced curtains amazon warehouse deals

Now you have all of the items available on Amazon Warehouse sorted by price. 

It’s time to start finding hidden treasure!

example of used like new on amazon warehouse

Click on the “used offers” under “More Buying Choices” to get more details about the item. 

I’m looking for items in the right condition for my use.

Sometimes that means only “Used – Like New” and other times “Used – Acceptable” condition will work for my purposes. 

I also always compare the Amazon Warehouse discounted price to the “New” price to make sure it’s actually a good deal!

It usually takes me three to five tries until I find a product that fits the bill and offers significant savings. 

How To Find Amazon Warehouse Deals on the App
how to find amazon warehouse on the app

To find Amazon Warehouse Deals on the app, start by clicking the three lines or “hamburger” menu in the bottom right-hand corner. 

Then under “shop by category” you’ll see “deals & Savings”. 

Click that and you’ll see the green Amazon Warehouse icon – click on that and you are ready to go. 

Follow the same steps above to find the best deals on Amazon Warehouse. 

What can I buy on Amazon Warehouse? 

I’ve bought so many different open box and returned items over the years on Amazon Warehouse it’s hard to know where to start. 

It’s easy to find items that are returned often for not being quite right, such as

  • Clothing
  • Curtains
  • Kitchen items
  • Bathroom accessories
  • Phone cases
  • Furniture
  • Outdoor recreation items

And lots more. 

I always check to see if I can find a “used” item on Amazon Warehouse before I shop the regular site!

I seldom pay full price on Amazon using this approach. 

Are There Amazon Warehouse Coupons? 

Yes, there are sometimes Amazon Warehouse coupons that allow you to save even more!

Look for coupons on the Amazon Warehouse homepage on Black Friday, Prime Day, and other random times throughout the year. 

The coupons can usually only be applied to certain items on Amazon Warehouse, so be sure to read the fine print. 

I hope this post helps you find incredible Amazon Warehouse deals! I love giving open box and returned items a new life through Amazon Warehouse. 

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