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Two Ingredient Sugar Scrub – An Easy DIY Gift

If you are looking for a nice hostess gift or stocking stuffer check out this easy homemade sugar scrub. I made some today and it totally exceeded my expectations! I took two minutes and is made from two easily found ingredients (no ordering bulk shea butter and essential oils online!) AND it left my hands super soft.

Two Ingredient DIY Sugar Scrub Pinterest Image


To make the sugar scrub you’ll need:

  • Dawn Olay Hand Renewal Soap Pomegranate Splash
  • Table Sugar
  • A container to put it in

I actually just mixed the soap and sugar in the jar since I was just making one. I filled the jar about 1/3 full of soap and then gradually stirred in the sugar until it was full. I thought this made it a nice consistency but make it to your own liking of course. The final product was a lovely light pink color and smelled amazing.

To use it you just scoop out a dollop with your finger, rub it into your hands, and rinse thoroughly with water. My hands haven’t been this soft in a long time! I plan on making a label or gift tag for the jars that include the instructions.

I estimate that one bottle of soap will make about five 4 oz. jelly-jar sized gifts. I had plenty of jars left over from the canning season so my total cost was:

$0.99 for the soap + $0.25 for the sugar / 5 jars = $0.25 per gift

That is a pretty frugal gift! I think the sugar scrub works as well this this product from a fancy bath & body store:

body scrubThat’s right… $30 per jar! So save yourself about $150 and make some sugar scrub gifts yourself!

Thanks for the idea My Frugal Adventures.

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