How to Bring That Old, Dried Out Play-Doh Back to Life

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on July 10, 2015

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If you have kids, you probably have Play-Doh. And if you have Play-Doh, it’s probably been left out at some point and gotten all cracked and dried out. My little one loves her Play-Doh and I didn’t want to just throw it out when I found it in bad shape. So I decided to find a way to revive our tough, old Play-Doh, making it soft and pliable once more.

IMG_3416I searched the web and Pinterest and found a few suggestions, all of which I tried. Here is the method that hands-down worked the best. All you need is a damp paper towel and a Ziploc bag and your old Doh can be as good as new again!


First flatten out your Doh into a pancake that will fit into a quart-size Ziploc bag. Piece it together if you have to. This increases the surface area and allows more contact with water in the damp paper towel.


Next, add some water to a few paper towels and squeeze any extra water out (you want them damp but not soaking wet). Wrap the slightly damp paper towels around the flattened Doh, pressing them together gently so the paper towel is in contact with the Doh. Then place the Play-Doh and paper towels into a Ziploc bag and seal it.

After two or three hours the Play-Doh will have absorbed all of the water from the paper towel and will be soft and pliable once more! It can be a little slimy when you first take it out of the bag (mine left some doughy residue on my hands that came off with water) and you will have to work it around with your hands for a minute, but then it really will be as good as new. I imagine if you had some seriously dried-out Doh you would have to either use more water and/or let it sit for longer.

I hope this helps you save some old Play-Doh and the money that you would have spent buying new supplies for your little ones!

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