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Disney Magic Band 101: Everything You Need To Know

yellow magic band

Magic Bands might be my favorite thing about a Disney World vacation. They make everything SO MUCH EASIER and they are just a lot of fun!

If you are wondering what a Disney Magic Band is or want to learn about the new Magic Band Plus, you’ve come to the right place.

What Is Disney Magic Band?

disney magic bands

Magic Bands (aka MagicBands or Disney Bands) are adjustable, waterproof wristbands that have a small radio frequency (RF) chip inside.

RF is a common technology found in everything from video game controllers to keyless car entry.

When you are at Disney World, you can use your Magic Band to:

  • Unlock your resort hotel room
  • Enter theme parks (as long as you’ve purchased a ticket, of course)
  • Access your Lightning Lane reservations
  • Charge purchases and dining back to your resort hotel
  • Redeem Disney Dining Plan credits
  • Add Disney PhotoPass pictures to your account

You tap the Mickey symbol on your Magic Band to a receiver on your room door, at the turnstiles, at checkout registers, etc. to use your band.

How Do I Get A Disney Magic Band?

You can get a Magic Band one of two ways:

  • Purchasing one through your Disney World resort hotel reservation or
  • Buying one on the ShopDisney website or other places (though I’d recommend getting them from shopDisney)

Read on to learn more about both of these options…

Are Disney World Magic Bands Free?

box of colorful magic bands

Magic Bands were provided to every guest staying at a Walt Disney World resort hotel at no additional charge through the end of 2020.

Starting in 2021, guests can purchase a Magic Band if they want to use one during their stay. 

Unfortunately, Magic Bands are no longer free.

If you aren’t staying at a Disney hotel you can still buy and use a Magic Band, though what you can do with it will be limited (more on this below).

Can I Purchase a Discount Band?

If you have a reservation at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel, you may be able to pre-order Magic Bands for your trip at a discount.

In My Disney Experience, select “My Magic Bands and Cards”. 

You will be able to purchase sold colored bands starting at only $10 each (the regular price is $19.99).

But you have to order through the My Disney Experience app or site to get these discount Magic Bands. 

You can also order other specialty bands at a discounted price. 


How Much Do Disney Magic Bands Cost?

magic bands disney examples of custom bands from shopDisney

Here’s an explanation of how much Disney Magic Bands cost.

The basic Disney Magic Band cost is $19.99 from shopDisney.

Magic Bands that feature Disney characters or icons generally cost $24.99 and up. Limited edition bands can cost upwards of $50. 

You can buy bands at other locations such as Amazon, but for ease of use and to make sure they will work for you, I suggest buying them from Disney directly. 

After you purchase a Magic Band you can link it to your My Disney Experience account.

You can then use your MagicBand to enter the theme parks and check in for Lightning Lane reservations. (Get the lowdown on using Genie + and the Lightning Lanes at Disney World in this post)

Those staying at an off-site hotel or who want a special band can buy a MagicBand online at ShopDisney (aka the Disney Store).

How Do MagicBands Work with My Disney Experience?

magic band disney screenshot from my disney experience of plans

My Disney Experience is both a mobile app and website that allows you to access your vacation plans and share plans with others.

After you create a My Disney Experience account, you’ll be able to see your resort reservations, dining plans, Lightning Lane reservations, and park tickets.

I find My Disney Experience pretty easy to use and access, particularly with the mobile app.

MagicBands are essentially a link to your My Disney Experience account.

That is why they allow you to use your Lightning Lane reservations and park tickets that are in your account.

If you have multiple MagicBands (because you are splitting your stay between two resorts, for example) they can be used interchangeably because they both link to your same My Disney Experience account.

What is Disney MagicBand+?

people using magicband+ at walt disney world

On July 27th, 2022 Disney released a new generation of Magic Bands – Disney Magic Band Plus.

In addition to all of the same basic features of the original bands, these bands feature interactive color-changing lights and haptic vibrations when you are in the theme parks!

For example, they:

  • Use gesture recognition to allow you to interact with the “Disney Fab 50 Character Collection,” the golden sculptures found in all four parks
  • Light up in time with fireworks and other nighttime entertainment 
  • Can be used in a virtual bounty hunting game in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Hollywood Studios

Another major difference from the original MagicBand is that the Magic Band Plus has a rechargeable battery. 

They come with a charging cord, though we don’t know yet how often they will have to be recharged. 

magicband+ for sale on the shopdisney site

You will be able to pre-order Magic Band Plus within My Disney Experience if you have an upcoming Disney resort reservation. 

Or you can buy them on the shopDisney site starting at $34.99. 

Click here to check out the MagicBand+ that are currently available.

Magic Band vs Disney Magic Band Plus

chart comparing magic band vs magic band plus

You might be wondering what makes Magic Band Plus different from the original Magic Bands and if they are worth the additional cost. 

First, the lowest cost Magic Band is $19.99 and the lowest cost Magic Band Plus is $34.99. So for a family of four who all want Magic Band+, you are looking at an additional $60. 

Both versions of Magic Band allow you to redeem Lightning Lane passes, use the bands as your ticket to enter the parks, make charges back to your room, and so on. 

The main difference between the types of bands is how interactive they are. The new Magic Band Plus lights up and vibrates during firework shows, when you are close to a 50th-anniversary statue, and when you are in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. 

If you don’t really care about these interactive features, then you are fine sticking with the original Magic Band. 

How Can I Customize Our Bands?

choose your magic bands disney in my disney experienceWhen you make a resort reservation directly with Disney, your reservation will automatically appear in your My Disney Experience account.

If you book with a third party (such as using Orbitz to take advantage of the great discounts) or a travel agent (I recommend Siera with Destinations in Florida) you will be able to add your reservation to your account with the confirmation number you receive at booking.

When you order your Magic Band through My Disney Experience you can customize the band with your name. 

pink magic band disney with vinyl decal

Another very affordable way to get a custom look is to order a Magic Band decal on Etsy!

The vinyl decal is easy to apply to your band and they are only a few dollars each. We received lots of compliments on our last trip.

DIY custom disney magic bands

Or if you are into DIY, you can get some tattoos and nail gems for a few dollars and decorate away!

Get more detailed instructions on this Magic Band DIY approach here.

Also, you don’t have to be limited to just wearing a band on your wrist! Thanks to the removable puck in the Magic Band 2, you have lots of options. 

My favorite option is this MagicBand puck holder that slides onto your watch wristband!

You can use it with an Apple watch (or any watch) and it can help you keep track of your Lightning Lane return times while not having to have two bands on your wrist.

Get all of my Magicband tips and tricks in this post.

Magic Bands Disney: How Do I Get My Bands?

If you are staying at a Disney resort, your Magic Bands will be mailed to your home soon after you order them. In my experience, it takes about a week or two to receive them.

If you don’t live in the US, your MagicBands will be waiting for you at your hotel when you arrive.

They will arrive in an unmarked box from the USPS. So if you are trying to keep your trip a secret, don’t worry – the box will not give it away!

You’ll get a shipping notification in My Disney Experience along with a tracking number so you can make sure your package arrives safely. 

How Does Charging Purchases Work?

When you check-in for your stay, either online or in-person at your resort, you will be able to put a credit card on file to cover purchases charged back to your room.

Since your MagicBand acts as your room key and a link to your resort reservation, you can use it to charge purchases back to your room account.

The fact that you can use your band to buy things makes some folks worried.

First of all, you set up a four-digit PIN number when you check-in online or at your resort.

You then have to enter the PIN when you make a purchase with the band. This keeps them safe in the event you lose your band.

Your credit card on file will not be charged for all purchases made during your stay until midnight the night before you check out.

If you want to pay any of your room charges with a gift card, you must do so before then.

I’m not going to lie – it is VERY hard to keep your spending in check at Disney World in general. MagicBands make that even harder!

As long as you are prepared for that and have some kind of budget in place, I think the ease of paying for food and more with your Magic Bands makes vacation simpler and more enjoying.

Are Magic Bands Reusable?

You might be wondering can you reuse magic bands… well I am happy to report that I reuse mine all of the time!

Yes, Magic Bands are reusable. They run off of a small battery inside the band. Disney says the batteries are designed to last for 2 years. I have read of batteries lasting for up to four years.

Since a Disney Magic Band is just a link to your My Disney Experience account, they can be used for trip after trip until the battery no longer works.

Are Disney Magic Bands Waterproof?

Many people have asked me “Are Disney Magic Bands waterproof?”

I am happy to report that yes, your Disney Bands are waterproof! You can wear them while you swim in the pool and on water attractions without damaging them in any way.

What Else Do I Need to Know About Magic Bands?

little girl meeting the little mermaid

It is easy to link PhotoPass pictures taken in the parks (such as at character Meet & Greets) to your My Disney Experience account with your MagicBand.

The photographer just scans your band after taking your picture and it shows up in your account a short while later.

Frozen Ever After Ride Photo

Ride photos will also “magically” appear in your account soon after riding. This picture of my daughter screaming in terror on the TOTALLY MILD Frozen Ever After ride makes me laugh so hard I cry.

What is Magic Band 2?

magic bands disney with mixed up colors in MagicBand 2.0

A few years ago Disney revamped the design of the MagicBand for the first time since they rolled out in 2014.

The major change was a small removable “puck” in the center of the band. You can remove the puck by unscrewing two tiny screws in the back of the band – you’ll need a mini screwdriver to do this.

I took advantage of this new feature to mix up our wristband colors for one of our trips. I think they look really fun!

If you have an Apple Watch, check out how to turn your Apple watch into a MagicBand!

Disney has released some new slap bracelets that feature a slider you can insert your  puck into. I love this idea! So much easier to take on and off. 

Check out all of the Magic Bands and accessories on shopDisney here. 

You can also buy a waist clip MagicKeeper to put your puck into if you can’t wear something on your wrist or just prefer this option. 

There is a string that pulls out that allows you to scan the puck. Very cool!

Other than the removable puck, nothing has changed with 2.0. They work exactly the same as the old bands, and they actually weigh slightly less!

Disney Magic Band Summary

Magic Bands are also sometimes referred to as:

  • Disney bands
  • Disney wristbands
  • Magic Bands Disney
  • Disney arm bands
  • Disney Fast Pass bands

Since I travel with a little one in tow, I usually don’t have an extra hand for digging around in a purse or pocket for my room key or credit card. I LOVE having everything I need on my wrist.

Often when we leave our hotel room the only thing I have to remember is our Magic Bands. If I am just heading to the food court or to the pool for the afternoon, I don’t take anything else with me.

If I’m heading to the parks and taking a bag anyway, I will bring my ID and a backup credit card, just in case I get carded or something’s not working with my band (though this hasn’t ever happened to me).

I hope this post answered the popular “What is Disney Magic Band?” question. 

Did I miss something? Please leave a comment below or join the discussion over in my FREE private Facebook group for my Disney site, The Budget Mouse!

Everything you need to know about MagicBands at Walt Disney World! A peek at the new Magic Band 2.0 and more... #disneyworld #disneyplanning

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Lenny Koll

Wednesday 14th of September 2022

My second MB+ simply WOULD NOT connect to the MDE app.... so... here is a tip I found that worked for me.... DO NOT try to BT pair the MB+ via the phone BT.... do this instead....

0. Make certain that your MB+ is fully charged... may take 2 days!!

1. Factory reset your MB+. You can factory reset the band by pressing and holding down on the button on the back of the band for 15 seconds. You should feel a single buzz, then a double buzz, then one final buzz with a green color animation.

2. Go into your bluetooth connections list on your phone, and find the MB+. It will have a name like MagicBand+ A12B - there the last 4 characters will match the last 4 of the ID number stamped on the back of your MB+. If it shows paired, unpair it

3. Restart your phone.

4. When your phone powers back on. Press and hold the button on the back of the MB+ for 3-4 seconds until the blue led's come on signaling it is in pairing mode.

5. Open MDE, go into the MB+ section, and the button that usually says RECONNECT for your MB+ will now say PAIR. Click PAIR and it should connect and be functioning within a few seconds.

Hocus Pocus.... it worked for me!!


Wednesday 14th of September 2022

Can you attach different cards to each magic band for rooms with multiple adults paying separately?


Monday 26th of September 2022


So you can only have a card on file to charge, if you are staying at a Disney resort?


Sunday 18th of September 2022

You can but it will have to be done at the front desk of your hotel at check-in.


Monday 12th of September 2022

Hi there! Do I have to order bands for everyone in my group if they are all listed on my Disney Experience app? If I scan mine at a Lighting Lane, will that allow all 6 of us in?


Sunday 18th of September 2022

Hi Jen! Everyone has to scan either a MagicBand or their ticket to use a Lightning Lane reservation. Someone could use MobileMagic on their phone to scan everyone in if you don't have bands.


Thursday 8th of September 2022

Could I order the magic band in advance? Say 1 year in advance if there's a special edition I'd like to have. Would it still work if my trip is next year?


Saturday 10th of September 2022

@Leah, thank you so much! :)

Lenny Koll

Friday 9th of September 2022

Martha, If you buy a newer Magic Band + (PLUS)it recharges, the older bands have a limited charge life... so that enters into your decision as to buying in advance.... smile...


Friday 9th of September 2022

Yes, I don't see why not!

Lenny Koll

Wednesday 7th of September 2022

OK... bought a "Partners" MB+ on ebay, got it and found out a couple of things I thought might be useful tips...

1. They seemingly are BARELY charged when you buy them 2. You have to TOTALLY charge the band before you can CONNECT the band to your app.... it will pair fine BT-wise, but no connect until fully charged 3. You will have an update of the band showing once charged fully and connected.... do it! 4. Finally paired/connected and updated, you can customize the lights etc.... and it will give you an indication of the charge level of the band....

Moral of the story.... an eBay purchase CAN get you an authentic band that you can link all your tickets/reservations etc. too, but beware of

Lenny Koll

Friday 9th of September 2022

@Leah, was kinda fun trying to get it to connect at first but after the band was fully charged.... shezzam.... it would connect to the app and all was good.

I was at first hesitant to buy a ban off eBay but after this one worked fine I bought another for my wife..... really cool because ebay had more selection than the Disney site....


Friday 9th of September 2022

This is super helpful and I'll update the post... thanks Lenny!

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