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The Cheapest Way To Get Disney Tickets!

Walt Disney World Gift Cards
If you are planning a trip to Disney World then you likely want to know the best way to buy Disney tickets to pay the LEAST.

In this post I’ll show you exactly where to buy online to save on Disney tickets.

Plus I’ll share everything you need to know about buying Disney tickets on the cheap – when to visit, how far in advance to buy, and how to link tickets to your Disney account. 

When You Visit REALLY Affects How Much You Pay

calendar with pricing

In 2018 Disney World moved to date-based pricing for all of their tickets. They did this in an attempt to distribute crowds more evenly throughout the year. 

This means that when you visit will greatly affect how much you pay for your tickets. 

During the cheapest time of year a 5-day adult ticket from Disney costs $440. During the most expensive time of year that same 5-day ticket costs $605!

So that means you can save up to $165 per ticket just by choosing wisely when you will visit. 

I have a detailed post that explains  how to find the cheapest dates to visit the parks, but a quick summary is that these months offer the cheapest dates: 

  • January
  • February
  • August 
  • September

Not surprisingly, the most expensive times to visit Disney World are during Christmas, Easter, and on other major holidays. 

So if you are able to visit during a less crowded time of year (such as when the kids are in school) you’ll be rewarded with cheaper ticket prices. 

How Many Days On Your Park Ticket?

Now, on to the cheapest way to buy Disney World tickets online.

The source for the cheapest tickets will depend on how many days you are visiting the theme parks. 

Here is an overview of the cheapest way to get Disney tickets broken down by the number of days you want to visit:

Keep in mind that ticket prices are always fluctuating and you might get a slightly better deal at one place over another. But in my experience these general guidelines apply for how to save on Disney tickets. 

Now I’ll explain these options in more detail and send you on your way to buying Disney tickets at the best price!

Cheapest Way To Get Disney Tickets: 1 & 2 Day Tickets

ticket purchasing options online

It is a surprise to many people that the cheapest way to get 1 or 2 day tickets to Disney World is to buy them directly from Disney. There are no discounts on 1- or 2-day tickets available for the general public.

Since you’ll have to buy your tickets directly from Disney for the best price, the only way to save is to buy your tickets with discount Disney gift cards – learn how to get them in this post. 

How To Buy Tickets Directly From Disney

I suggest buying your tickets when you are logged into your My Disney Experience account.

Then you will be able to assign them to the right person (make sure you have set everyone up with a profile in the Friends and Family section first) and you’ll be good to go. 

Be sure to select the first day you will use your ticket to get the best price!

choose delivery method online

If you are staying off-property and won’t have MagicBands for your trip, then you should opt to have a physical ticket sent to you via mail.

You will scan the card to enter the parks and every time you use a FastPass (get my free ultimate guide to Disney Fast Pass here). 

If you are staying at a Disney World resort or have purchased Magic Bands for your trip, then you should opt for email delivery.

Your tickets will be linked to your Magic Band automatically but I suggest saving the email confirmation just in case there is any issue with using your tickets at the parks. 

Cheapest Way To Buy Disney Tickets: 3 to 10 Day Tickets

The best way to buy Disney World tickets for trips longer than 2 days is through Undercover Tourist

I have bought my tickets from them for many years and they offer excellent customer service. They are widely known to offer the best discounts on tickets for loner trips. 

cheapest way to get disney tickets - undercover tourist 6 day ticket prices

You can save over $60 per ticket on these longer tickets which can save a family of four upwards of $250!

Keep in mind that you will be spending MUCH more on your tickets compared to a shorter trip, but your saving per ticket will be greater. 

These tickets can be delivered via email and linked to your My Disney Experience account so you can make FastPass reservations right away.

If you won’t have a Magic Band for your trip I recommend opting to have them delivered by mail so you’ll have a physical ticket card to scan. 

So if you are lucky enough to be able to visit the Disney theme parks for 6 or more days on your trip, then head over to Undercover Tourist to get these steep discounts. 

Understand The Three Different Ticket Types

Now you might be wondering which type of Disney World ticket is the best for your trip.

There are three main types of Disney World tickets:

  • 1 Park Per Day Ticket – just like it sounds: you can get into one theme park each day
  • Park Hopper Ticket – allows you to visit multiple theme parks each day
  • Park Hopper Plus Ticket – visit multiple parks each day and visit the Disney Water Parks, etc.

1 Park Per Day Tickets are the cheapest but might not give you as much value as other tickets.

Should I Get Park Hopper Tickets?

The Park Hopper option adds $60 to the cost of any ticket. The Park Hopper Plus option adds $80 to the cost of any ticket. 

You’ll definitely want to consider if you really need the option to visit more than one park in a day before you shell out an extra $60 per ticket. 

For first time visitors I generally suggest NOT paying extra for the Park Hopper option. There is so much to see and do in each of the parks that there is rarely a reason you’ll need to visit more than one park in a day. 

However, if you are planning on making a visit to a Disney World water park during your trip, then you should definitely get the Park Hopper Plus option for your tickets. 

Here’s the reason: a ticket to the water parks (there are two: Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon) will cost you $69 plus tax. For only $11 more, you can upgrade to the Park Hopper Plus option and get as many visit to the water parks as you have days on your park ticket. 

If you get a 4 day park Hopper Plus ticket you’ll get four visits to the water parks, ESPN complex, or miniature golf visit. Plus you’ll get the option to switch parks as much as you want during your visit! So if a visit to a water park is in your plans anyway, go for the Park Hopper Plus option for a LOT of added value at little cost.  

How Far In Advance Should I Buy My Disney World Tickets?

Knowing when to buy your Disney Tickets is critical to your vacation. 

If you are staying at an on-property Disney World resort (get my 5 ways to save on Disney resorts here) then you will want to make sure your tickets are linked to your account at least 60 days before you arrive. 

This will let you make your Disney Fast Pass selections as soon as your 60-day window opens up! YOu must have a ticket linked to each person’s account in My Disney Experience to make FastPass reservations for your entire group. 

If you are staying off-property then you need your tickets linked at least 30 days before you arrive. 

Specialty Tickets & Passes

disney annual passholder sticker

These are just the basic options for Disney World tickets. There are also specialty tickets and passes that might work for you. These include:

I hope this post helped you find the cheapest way of buying Disney tickets. Get all of my tips for saving money on Disney World tickets here

Do you have any questions? Please leave a comment below or join the discussion in my free private Facebook group for my Disney-only site The Budget Mouse!

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Wednesday 28th of July 2021

Assuming the dining plans do come back at some point, if you buy your park tickets from undercover tourist, and stay on disney property, can you still purchase the dining plan?


Thursday 5th of August 2021

Yes! You have to convert the room-only reservation to a "ticketless package". You have to call Disney or have a travel agent do this for you. This is of course assuming the same rules apply to the dining plan when it returns.


Friday 11th of June 2021

If you have a party of 3 and two live in Florida, Do you get the resident discount on all 3 or just 2


Tuesday 15th of June 2021

Hi Robert! No, unfortunately just the two who have a Florida ID would be able to pick up the resident tickets.


Tuesday 2nd of July 2019

Thanks! That's great to know. There are some times when I don't use a travel statement credits, it's great to know there is another great ticket option.


Monday 1st of July 2019

This is a great article. Do you know if tickets from The Official Ticket Center code as a "travel" expense on credit cards? In the past we were able to erase our ticket purchases through Undercover Tourist on some travel eraser cards.


Tuesday 2nd of July 2019

OK, I looked OTC up in the Visa Supplier Locator and they do NOT code as travel (code as tickets for movies, shows, etc instead). So you'll want to stick with Undercover Tourist when redeeming travel statement credit!


Tuesday 2nd of July 2019

This is a great question, Shauna! I too have had UCT code as travel but I have never thought to look for The Official Ticket Center. I am going to contact them and get back to you in another comment!

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