Blue365: Discounts on gym memberships, dental care and more

on January 4, 2015

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Do you have Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance? If so, you can take advantage of the Blue365 Deals program which offers significant savings on gym memberships, dental discount plans and much more. About a year ago I did some searching on the BCBS website and came across the Blue365 program, which as far as I can tell anyone insured by BCBS can take advantage of.

healthways 2dentalWe used Blue365 to join Healthways, a program that gives you access to a network of 8,000 fitness facilities around the country for $25/month. I checked first and our local fitness center was one of the facilities included. Memberships at our local facility start at $50/month, so having access to their pools and fitness center for only $25 per month is a bargain for us. I also use my Healthways card when we visit our family in Ohio to get us access to one of the coolest indoor pools ever. There is a $25 enrollment fee for the program, but I know that Blue365 occasionally offers a deal with no enrollment fee, so keep your eyes open for that if you are interested!

We also used Blue365 for our dental discount plan, Dental Solutions. Our previous dental discount plan through the same provider (Careington) saved us thousands of dollars when my husband needed a lot of dental work. While it is not dental insurance, it does offer a discount of between 20-50% on routine dental care if you see one of the 61,000 dentists in their network. The dentist we were seeing already was included so it was a great fit for us. It costs us $6/month for our entire household (plus an initial $9.95 enrollment fee) and you can cancel it at any time.

Blue365 offers deals on many other health-related service such as vision products, hearing aids, etc. I don’t think many folks are aware of the program since it it not heavily advertised by Blue Cross. Maybe it can help save your family some money like it has helped us!

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