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How To Use Autoslash For The Best Rental Car Deals

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After years of researching how to find the best rental car deals, I’ve finally settled on an easy three-step process for getting the lowest price with the least hassle.

In this post, I’ll walk you through my three-step method for using Autoslash to save big on all of our car rentals!

1) Book At The Right Time

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First, you might be wondering how far in advance you need to book your rental car.

I have rarely found an instance when booking more than 6 weeks in advance was helpful. The exception would be if you are traveling during a holiday or for a large event when rental cars may be in high demand.

You are often able to book a reservation without a credit card and cancel it without penalty. If you are concerned about availability, you can always book in advance then cancel later.

Depending on the time of year, it may pay to wait until a week or two before your trip to book because rental car companies often release promotions only about a month in advance. I recently had a price drop from $130 to $72 just a week before my Fort Lauderdale rental in January!

2) Use Autoslash To Find Companies With Best Prices

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I have had the best luck finding a cheap rental car with a site called Autoslash

You submit a request for a quote on Autoslash then receive an email with your quote in about 15 minutes (or sometimes less).

online quote request

If you want the best rental car deal and don’t care what kind of car you are driving, be sure to select “Least Expensive Option” from the Vehicle Type drop down. I usually choose this option to find the best deals. 

Shortly you will get an email with a link to your rental car quotes. What I like most about Autoslash is that it’s easy to see what you are getting – see the examples below.  fox car rental option

The best rental car deal for my sample search was with Fox. You can quickly see in the results:

  • It’s an Economy size car
  • You’ll need to take a shuttle to the rental car
  • You can reserve now and pay later
  • Your spouse can drive free

hertz car rental option

If I want an on-airport option, I can find it easily by scrolling down to the lowest price option which is from Hertz. 

You can make a reservation without entering your credit card by selecting the “Pay later with Priceline” button and entering some basic info. You will lock in that price and can cancel at any time. You won’t have to pay until you arrive to pick up your rental car. 

3) Track Your Rental For Price Drops

online rental tracker for price drops

After I’ve made my reservation, I also use Autoslash to track my rental for price drops. The price for our rental car for our trip to Iceland drop three times before we were supposed to leave for our trip!

You just need your reservation number from the email confirmation to track your rental. I highly suggest taking a minute to do this to save even more and get the best rental car deal. 

Please leave any comments or questions about saving money on car rentals below, or you can always contact me on The Frugal South’s Facebook page!

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