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Fitting Into a New Home and Keeping Your Bills Low

I was compensated for this post but all opinions are my own. sitting area

Budgeting is difficult under normal everyday circumstances, but when you are trying to move into a new home it can seem downright impossible!

If you’ve ever had to manage incoming and outgoing for your family, then you’ll know that even something sneaky such as getting some snacks or buying a gift can be taxing on the budget.

The added stress of moving and every managerial task that comes with it, you’re eventually going to snap if you don’t know how to manage it calmly. Here are some tips to keep your moving expenses under control and retaining your sanity in the process!

1) Track Your Expenses & Keep Them Low

tape measures and rulers

Use budgeting to find room for extra expenses associated with moving. I track my spending with this simple envelope system, which is a great way to find out where your money is going. 

You could try cutting back on certain expenses (eating out and entertainment for example) while you prepare for your move. Once you’ve moved into your new home, you’re safe and you can resume your regular lifestyle, but for now, it’s a good idea to cut down on unnecessary expenses.

2) Declutter & Simplify

little girl on a bed with a pile of clothes

The less you have to move, the stress (and cost) associated with moving! Check out my personal experience with The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up here to see how I reduced my already pretty minimal wardrobe, book collection, and more.

When hiring a mover like Bekins Moving Solution, the entire process will be faster and easier if you don’t have to worry about moving hundreds of boxes. Look at what you can get rid, start packing early so you uncover all of your clutter, and consider donating things that you can’t sell very well such as old clothes.

If you need more inspiration for decluttering and simplifying, click here and follow my decluttering board on Pinterest!

3) Stay Cool & Make A Plan

One of the first things to master is the art of staying cool. This essentially means that you have to relax and find time to actually do the tasks associated with moving without feeling overwhelmed.

Don’t try to research a mover if you’ve just come home from work and the kids are asking for dinner, and don’t write up a list of utilities you have to cancel until the weekend when you’ve got some time to yourself.

In short, take it easy and start planning your move months or even weeks before your proposed date.

4) Find Budget-Friendly Ways To Decorate Your New Home

wall mural over dining table

I could be VERY easy to go over budget when picking out art for your new home.

I love PIXERS as a place to search for affordable art for your new home. They have thousands of prints that come in a huge range of sizes so you aren’t paying for more than you need! Check out my full review of Pixers here.

5) Consider Asking Family & Friends To Help

box of books

If you’ve got friends and family who are willing to help you move, then it might be a great solution to help move a couple of boxes.

However, if you’ve got far too much stuff and need to move large items like furniture, then it’s a good idea to hire a moving service instead of asking your friends for help!

This should help you save a considerable chunk of money if you’re being frugal about it–just remember to give your friends and family some kind of compensation!

Fitting into a new home can be difficult, but there are plenty of great ways to stay under budget and make the experience less stressful. 

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