Emerald Pointe Water Park With Kids + Discount Tickets

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on July 1, 2019

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Wet N Wild Emerald Pointe hasn’t announced its opening date for 2020 yet. I was compensated for this post but all opinions are my own. 

kids playing in the pool

When you live in the South, finding a way to cool off is essential to surviving the summer!

So today I’m bringing you my experience visiting Wet n Wild Emerald Pointe with little kids plus a special opportunity (just for my readers) for Wet n Wild discount tickets.

Emerald Pointe Greensboro Water Park

Wet n Wild Emerald Pointe map

The Wet n Wild Emerald Pointe address is 3910 S Holden Rd, Greensboro, North Carolina. It is only a 45-minute drive from our home outside of Durham, NC. 

Emerald Point has more than 36 rides and attractions and has been named one of the top 10 water parks in the US by USA Today. 

Visiting Emerald Pointe With Little Kids

Wet n Wild Emerald Pointe play area

Wet n Wild is our absolute favorite area attraction to visit in the summer. We’ve gone every year since my daughter was 2 years old, and there is more and more she can do every year. 

There is surprisingly a LOT for little kiddos here. When I first went I expected maybe a kiddie pool, but there are TWO areas specially designed for little ones.

playing in the pool

They have a slide you can go down with your little one (the big yellow slide in the background) which is a great way to get them warmed up to water slides. 

There are many more kids’ slides, a kids’ raft ride, a miniature wave pool, and more. 

lazy river

My daughter loves all of the above attractions plus the Lazy River. We can stay busy all day just in the parts of the park geared for little ones. 

lifeguard watching over pool area

There are also several larger pools that little ones can go in provided they are wearing a Coast Guard-approved life vest (which are provided free of charge).

wave pool

And of course there is the famous wave pool at Wet n Wild. Just be prepared that the waves are strong even in the shallow water!

Emerald Point Cabanas & Food

Emerald Point Cabana

I was the guest of Emerald Point this week and they treated us to a Cabana, which is a fantastic way to “plus” your experience.

You can have up to eight people per cabana and have access to your own table and chairs, lounge chairs, a safe for your valuables, and a server who can deliver food right to your cabana.

Starting at $125 per day they certainly aren’t cheap, but they could be a nice way to celebrate a birthday or other special event with family and friends.


And of course there’s food! Unfortunately, you can’t bring your own food into the park like you can at Disney, but I think the food isn’t overpriced and is at least decent quality. We like the pizza the best.

Wet N Wild Discount Tickets

people on inner tubesdiscount special

I am happy to be able to offer a special deal on daily tickets for my readers!

Click here to purchase your discount tickets and enter the promo code BLOGGER19 at checkout. You’ll save up to $15 per ticket in September, and $12 per ticket in July and August.

That brings the cost per ticket down to as low as $30.99 which is one of the best deals I’ve seen on daily tickets to Emerald Point. 

three water slides

Or if you think you will visit more than once, get a season pass! 

I think season passes to Wet’n Wild Emerald Pointe offer incredible bang for your buck. You’ll have a blast every time we visit and save hundreds of dollars compared to a pool membership.

I hope this post answered your questions about visiting Wet n Wild Emerald Pointe with little ones and gave you an opportunity for Wet N Wild discount tickets.

Any questions about visiting Emerald Point? Just leave a comment below or send me a message on The Frugal South’s Facebook page!

Tips for visiting Wet'n Wild Emerald Point in Greensboro, NC! Why Wet and Wild North Carolina is great for families with little kids, a discount on 2017 tickets, advice for getting a season pass for your family and more.


  • Susan

    Hmmm, Try $12 / $14 for small/large lockers — according to their FAQ on the website. Ouch! It’s about 10% of a cabana!

    July 29, 2019 at 11:56 pm Reply
    • Leah

      Oh wow that is rough and way more than I thought. I leave my wallet at home and only bring a little bit of cash with me and hide it in the bottom of my bag. I keep my phone in a waterproof phone case around my neck so I can take pictures as needed.

      July 30, 2019 at 6:10 am Reply
  • Mimosa

    WHat’s the seating situation if you don’t get a cabana? And what other types of food do they offer besides pizza? What are the costs of those? How much is a locker?

    July 16, 2019 at 5:01 pm Reply
    • Leah

      There is plenty of seating (both chairs and lounge chairs – but fewer lounge chairs) all around the park. I’ve never had trouble finding somewhere to sit. other food options are burgers, chicken tenders, salads, turkey legs, etc. Lots of treats too. Basic theme park food and prices – I say $8 average for entrees. I’m afraid I don’t know the cost for a locker but if I had to guess I’d say between $2-$4. Hope that helps!

      July 19, 2019 at 9:22 am Reply

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