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Savannah Georgia For Kids: 25 Fun Things To Do

Are you looking for fun and affordable things to do in Savannah Georgia for kids? Then you’ve come to the right place!

driveway into wormsloe plantation - things to do in savannah GA with kids

This post will give you lots of details and information on fun family things to do in Savannah GA. 

There is SO much to do in this fantastic city – here’s where to start. 

Ice Cream at Leopold’s

front of leopold's ice cream - things to do in savannah GA with kids

A must-do in Savannah is a visit to the award-winning Leopold’s Ice Cream at 212 E. Broughton St. 

It has been open in this location since 1919 and some of its recipes are unchanged in over 100 years. 

But be prepared – the line often snakes out of the building and down the street!

girl looking at ice cream

We waited over 30 minutes for our ice cream and (I can’t believe I am saying this) it was totally worth it.

I had the Honey Almond & Cream and wow, was it fantastic. My daughter loved the Chocolate Chewies & Cream. 

Your best bet for avoiding the line is to arrive in the first hour Leopold’s is open – 11 am to noon. You have permission to eat ice cream before lunch (you’re welcome). 

You can check out Leopold’s menu here.

Forsyth Park

forsyth park fountain - things to do in savannah with kids

Another fun must-do with the family on any trip to Savannah, GA is a visit to the iconic Forsyth Park. The 30-acre park is a gathering place for visitors and locals. 

The centerpiece of the park is one of the most gorgeous fountains you’ll ever see. It was built in 1858 and really is breathtaking. 

kids on playground in forsyth park savannah georgia

There are two playgrounds at Forsyth Park plus wide open fields for your kiddos to burn off some steam. 

booths at forsyth park farmer's market

And every Saturday there’s a Farmer’s Market filled with local goodies. 

Bring a blanket and enjoy some shade from the Spanish-moss draped oaks while you soak up the Savannah vibe. Forsyth park is a great location to enjoy some fun family activities in Savannah, GA. 

Ride the Free Trolley

girl riding trolley bus in savannah

We got around the historic district for free during our entire stay on the DOT trolley. I learned about it right before our trip and I am SO glad I did!

The trolley has two routes and 24 stops around the historic district. We rode it every day to save our feet (we walked 5 miles each day even with the trolley). A bus comes about every 5 minutes. 


While you won’t get a narrated tour like you will with a paid hop-on hop-off trolley tour, you will get to where you are going for free and save over $150 for a family of four. 

savannah free trolley map from DOT

I had the above map from DOT downloaded to my phone and consulted it many times. There were so few people on the trolley that I felt like I really needed to help get the word out about it.

Fun Family Things To Do In Savannah Georgia: The Paris Market

the paris market front doors and cafe tables - things to do in savannah GA with kids

I had read online that a visit to The Paris Market, a boutique and cafe on Broughton Street, was a Savannah essential. But I was skeptical (not being a shopper myself) that any store would be that interesting. 

girl in the paris market savannah Georgia

Well, it turns out that The Paris Market is more like a gorgeous museum than a store. The displays are a treat for the senses and just wandering through the two levels is a fascinating experience. 

My seven-year-old daughter basically wanted to move in and we had to visit the store multiple times on our trip!

pink macaroon at the paris market

Plus there is the charming cafe with espresso drinks and treats like this colorful macaron. How can anyone resist?

I think kids seven and up would love to drop in at The Paris Market and experience this one-of-a-kind store. 

Rent Bikes or Take A Bike Tour

bikes lined up in front of savannah bike shop

One thing we tried to do (but didn’t plan enough in advance) was rent a bike to tool around the city. This would be a great family activity to do in Savannah, GA. 

We wanted to rent a two-seat electric bike from Savannah on Wheels (located right by Forsyth Park) but the bike wasn’t available the day we were there. I definitely suggest making a reservation in advance if you want to rent a specialty bike.

historical bike tour in savannah ga and a great fun family activity

Or if you want someone to teach you about the sights while you view the city on wheels, take a historical bike tour like this one from Savannah on Wheels. 

We definitely plan on doing this on our next visit to Savannah. 

Free Praline at the Savannah Candy Kitchen

sign for free praline samples at savannah candy kitchen

We loved trying a famous Savannah Praline at the Savannah Candy Kitchen. There are two locations – one on River Street and one in the City Market.

We had a sample at the River Street location – they weren’t offering them at the City Market store when we visited. 

chocolates in case at savannah candy kitchen - things to do in savannah GA with kids

And of course, there are more amazing sweets at the stores that are hard to resist. We bought a small pack of candied pecans for $4 to take home to my husband since he couldn’t make it on this trip. 

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

outside of cathedral of st john the babtist church - fun family activities in Savannah, GA

There’s lots of gorgeous architecture in Savannah but this historic cathedral really stands out. You might not think to visit a church with kids but my daughter loved the impressive building inside and out. 

interior of cathedral of st john the Baptist church - things to do in Savannah GA with kids

The cathedral was dedicated in 1876 and this style of French Gothic church is rare in the US. It is a lovely place to spend a little time during your visit to Savannah. 

There is a suggested donation of $3 for adults and nothing for kids.  It is located at 222 E. Harris Street. 

Hit Up the Family-Friendly Savannah Restaurants

exterior of huey's on the river in savannah, GA

Savannah is definitely a foodie city so eating out is part of the experience here. Here are some restaurants that made it on our list of fun things to do in Savannah GA with kids. 

Going out to eat is always a great family activity and Savannah, GA has you covered! These are fantastic family-friendly dining options that kids and adults alike will love. 

Huey’s On The River

tables and chairs at huey's on the river

We had the best experience at Huey’s on the River. It got great reviews and I see why – the atmosphere was lovely, it was super kid-friendly, and the food was outstanding. 

catfish po'boy sandwich and red and beans and rice on a plate

The food is authentic New Orleans and my catfish po’boy and red beans and rice were amazing. Better than some that I’ve had in the Big Easy.  

kids meal with grilled cheese and fruit and plate of beignets

My daughter’s kids meal of grilled cheese with fresh fruit was only $4 (!!) and our kind server gave us a free sample of beignets at the end of our meal. Give me free food and I’m a loyal fan for sure. 

Huey’s is located at 115 E. River Street and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

Crystal Beer Parlor

interior of crystal beer parlor

I know the term “beer parlor” doesn’t scream kid-friendly, but trust me this place is perfect for a family meal. It’s Savannah’s oldest restaurant still in operation – it opened in 1933 during the Great Depression. 

old signs on the wall in crystal beer parlor

It is really fun to check out the original signs found all around the restaurant. It’s almost like walking into the past. 

bowl of shrimp and grits at crystal beer parlor

The food and service were excellent. I had the shrimp and grits (recommended by our server) and they did not disappoint. 

savannah mule in mug

I also had a delicious “Savannah Mule”, which had local bourbon instead of the vodka in a Moscow Mule. 

girl eating spaghetti and meatballs

My daughter loved her kids meal and we had an overall fantastic time at this Savannah institution. It is located about halfway between River Street and Forsyth Park at 301 West Jones Street. 

Fun Family Things To Do In Savannah GA With Kids: Gryphon Tea Room

interior of gryphon tea room - things to do in savannah ga with kids

I read great things about the Gryphon Tea Room so we headed there for a light lunch. It is run by the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) and is located in a historic building that was formerly a pharmacy. 

stained glass ceiling and lighting fixture

The restaurant is small but absolutely gorgeous. I wish I had better things to say about the service and food, but both were lackluster.

I think sticking with the tea menu is the way to go – we ordered off of the lunch menu and had a bummer of sandwich. The tea service that we saw others having looked fantastic and there were lots of kids in the restaurant. 

little girl drinking a blueberry lemonade

They had kid-friendly specialty drinks as well such as this blueberry lemonade. As long as you get better service and stick with their specialty of high tea I think it would be great. 

For even more ideas on where to eat, check out this best food in Savannah guide from our friends at Our Escape Clause

Fun Family Things To Do for Kids in Savannah GA: Tour the Squares

tour the squares in Savannah

There are 22 historic squares located around Savannah and each is totally unique. Walking through the city is almost like a treasure hunt as you discover each square. 

girl in front of fountain savannah georgia for kids

There are fountains, statues, and/or art in each of the squares. We saw most of them during our four days wandering through Savannah.

You’ll see many photographers taking pictures in the squares because they are so photogenic. 

large oaks in front of house

Here is an interactive map of Savannah’s squares with descriptions of each.

I loved the huge live oaks draped with Spanish moss in Chatham Square. There’s no mistaking that you’re in the South here and visiting the squares is one of the best activities to do for kids and the family in Savannah GA. 

Visit Tybee Island

pier at tybee island that is a fun activity for the family in Savannah, GA

A great trip outside of Savannah Georgia for kids is a trip to the beach!

About 30 minutes from downtown is Tybee Island, known as “Savannah’s Beach”. It was windy and cold the day we visited but we loved it nonetheless.

It is a laid-back beach town (not pretentious or exclusive like some are) and I will definitely be back in warmer weather. It’s free to walk out on the pier so definitely don’t miss it. This will be a must-do family activity when we return to Savannah, GA in the future. 

Tybee Island lighthouse that is a must do for a fun family activity to Savannah, GA

A visit to Tybee isn’t complete with a stop at the famous lighthouse. It is Georgia’s oldest and tallest lighthouse and has a fascinating history.

You can learn quite a bit about it without paying for entrance which is (in my frugal opinion) quite expensive – $10 for adults and $8 for kids over five. 

Ships of the Sea Museum

ships of the sea museum

I found cheap tickets to the Savannah Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum on Groupon so we checked it out one afternoon. I only paid $4 each for admission with this Groupon deal.

little girl in front of a display of ship replica

The museum houses impressive replicas of ships important to Savannah and US history. It’s not huge but is fascinating.

But here is a warning before you go there with kids: make sure your kiddos understand that they can NOT touch the glass on the displays and are able to control themselves enough to not do this. 

I didn’t prepare my daughter in advance and we were asked over a loudspeaker to not touch the glass then had an employee follow us from room to room with a bottle of Windex. Seriously. 

So as long as your kids stay hands-off, Ships of the Sea is a unique diversion in Savannah and an interesting family activity to spend an hour or so. 

Fun Family Things to do in Savannah with Kids: Colonial Park Cemetery

colonial park cemetary

Though it doesn’t scream “kid-friendly”, no trip to Savannah is complete without a cemetary visit. 

If you don’t have time to get out to the famous Bonaventure Cemetery, you can experience a taste of the same vibe right in town.

Colonial Park Cemetery is located just south of Oglethorpe Ave. close to the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. 

colonial park cemetary

The above-ground monuments and Spanish moss add to the eerie atmosphere. The graves date back to the 18th century and some notable Savannahians are buried here. 

girl running to playground in Colonial park that is a must-do for a fun family activity in Savannah, GA

There’s a playground at the south end of the park which was a welcome sight for my girl after so much structured time on our visit. I think a quick stop at this cemetery should be on anyone’s list of fun family things to do in Savannah Gerogia for kids. 

River Street & City Market

little girl in front of a ferry boat

The two main tourist zones in historic Savannah are River Street and the City Market. They are both loaded with shops, restaurants, and sights. If shopping is a favorite activity, River Street and City Market are great places to go with the family!

We had to have the full experience and check out these streets. We didn’t buy anything, but there is a lot of history to check out, especially on River Street. 

Saannah Georgia For Kids: River Street 

River Street Brick Steps

On River Street you’ll find 200-year-old brick streets and steep original steps such as these. This area was restored in the 1970’s and is like walking into the past. 

Go slowly though because it is tricky to walk on those old brick streets!

Waving Girl Statue

Waving Girl Statue

At the far east end of River Street you’ll find the Waving Girl statue. It is in honor of Florence Martus, who waved a cloth at ships approaching the Savannah River from 1887 to 1931.

It is a lovely piece of Savannah history that is worth checking out. 

Savannah Belles Ferry

Savannah Belles Ferry Stop and a boat that goes across the river for a fun family activity in Savannah, GA

Walk past the statue to find one of the Savannah Belles Ferry Stop. It is a free ferry that will take you across the river then back down to the west end of River Street.

We intended to use it but didn’t time our return trip correctly. Don’t be like us and have the ferry schedule handy ahead of time.

Kids will have lots of fun on the boat ride on the river and it’s one of the best free things to do in Savannah Georgie for kids! 

Savannah Georgia For Kids: City Market

City Market in Savannah, GA where people are walking and shopping as an activity to do

City Market is the other main touristy area. As you’d expect, it is lined with shops and restaurants. It is found two blocks south of River Street between Ellis Square and Franklin Square. 

There are definitely some fun stores in Svannah Georgia for kids, and they are mostly found on these streets.

The Georgia Tasting Room

My personal favorite shop in City Market was The Georgia Tasting Room. I had the BEST time sampling six different wines from the region for only $3!

I think this is a must-do if you have any interest in wine at all. The tasting is free if you buy a bottle of wine. 

Rhen's Nest toy shop in Savannah, GA

My daughter’s favorite store was (not surprisingly) the toy store. Rhen’s Nest had a fantastic selection of toys and STEM activities to choose from. 

The other shopping area is along Broughton Street, where The Paris Market and Leopold’s are located. If shopping is a fun family activity, you will have no shortage of places to spend your money while in Savannah! 

Other Popular Attractions In & Around Savannah

Greetings from Savannah Georgia Postcard

We couldn’t see and do everything on our three-day visit, so here are things to do in Savannah GA with kids that we personally didn’t make it to but that are popular destinations: 

Bonaventure Cemetery

Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace (founder of the Girl Scouts)

Wormsloe Historic Site

Savannah Ghost Tour

Telfair Museums

Mercer Williams House Museum

Georgia State Railroad Museum

That wraps up my post on 25 things to do in Savannah Geprgia for kids. I hope you got lots of ideas for your visit!

If you need lodging ideas, check out this post on where to stay in Savannah from my friends at The Broke Backpacker. 

And if you are visiting nearby Charleston with kids, be sure to check out this post with things for kids to do in Charleston, SC.

I’ve been able to score cheap flights to Savannah thanks to the email alerts I get from Going (formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights). Sign up here to get FREE email alerts when flight prices drop from your home airport and start saving hundreds on airfare! 

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Fantastic article! I'm trying to plan our trip to Savannah now and your tips were perfect to find fun stuff for our family of 5. Thank you!

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