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Budget-Friendly Kids Party Ideas For Your Little One

I was compensated for this post but all opinions are my own. cupcakes with candles

There are so many things to consider when it comes to your little one’s birthday! This is where a bit of preparation and planning can help you and your budget out, and you’ll be able to take the time to celebrate with your kids, and not just run around like a headless chicken.

You can start by ignoring the competitive parents, and stop beating yourself up – your kids will love the fact the day is all about them, and everything else is just a bonus.

The following are some ideas, inspiration, and tips for parents who want to plan ahead so that they too can have fun on their kid’s birthday, and make memories together to last a lifetime, without breaking the bank.

DIY a Destination Birthday Party

trampoline park

A trampoline park is a fun party location

A family day out, perhaps with some of your kid’s closest friends (and yours) is a lovely way to celebrate their birthday, and it will take the pressure off from creating party bags and decorating your home. 

Many locations offer pricey kid’s birthday packages, but you can also opt to DIY a destination birthday party.

For example, my five-year-old daughter loves bouncing at the Defy Gravity indoor trampoline parks. A weekend birthday party package is $275 – definitely not in the budget!

However, I was able to purchase an hour of bouncing for myself (to supervise) and five kiddos for $52, and the other parents were able to relax and watch from the sidelines. We then caravaned down the road and had doughnuts (and coffee for parents) for about $20 total with some balloons and special party plates.

For $75 we had an incredible destination party and saved $200 compared to the location birthday party cost!

Hit Up The Dollar Tree

dollar store plates and cups

Dollar Tree is my go-to source for birthday party decorations on a budget. I can get balloons, a pack of streamers, and one other decoration all for $5 and transform a room into a special place for a party!

I’ve also gotten creative and made this DIY cupcake stand from items from Dollar Tree for only $2 plus some hot glue. Plus you can get money-saving party ideas, coupons, and more when you sign up for the free Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club here!

Make Your Own Birthday Cake

little girl with birthday cake

Don’t be intimated by making your own cake – it is easier than you think! Check out my favorite homemade chocolate cake recipe here – it is no fail and super easy.

Also, don’t be nervous about decorating your cake. Frost it with some store-bought tubs of icing, cover it with sprinkles, throw some candles on it and I promise your kiddo will love the cake you made especially for her/him.

Try To Limit Gifts That Will Stress You Out

Look into meaningful and thoughtful gifts, instead of extravagant items that your little one will grow bored of soon anyway. Plus, most parents feel stressed out by the clutter created by an onslaught of a bunch of new toys. 

Instead, companies like Goalsetter encourage families and friends to give towards a truly special gift, that your child will appreciate all the more. It’s also a great option for those who are also trying to stick to a specific budget, so don’t dismiss gift alternatives before the party arrives.

Your little one will soon forget about over-priced plastic items that they don’t need, so keep this in mind when you’re putting plans in place for their special day.

Focus On What’s Important

Rest easy knowing that not everyone out there is a Pinterest mom; there are plenty of parents who cannot recreate an image they’ve found on the internet or in a magazine. Many of those images are highly staged and they’ve had a professional stylist and photographer working on them for hours!

Therefore, try not to give yourself a hard time, and simply embrace the plethora of mom hacks that are available to you at the click of your mouse.

Remember It’s A Team Effort

Birthdays should be a family affair, so make sure that you get the whole team onboard with the preparation and any decorating. If you’re having a traditional kids party in your home; someone can be blowing balloons up while someone else is in the kitchen putting the last of the icing on treats.

Delegation is key, so let go a little of complete control and start trusting your other family members to help out; this way you’ll have time for a coffee, and to sample anything baked (for quality control purposes).

A stressed-out and snappy parent is no fun at any birthday celebration, so do your planning, buy pre-made decorations when needed, and try to enjoy each moment of your child’s birthday just as much as they do!

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