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Say Mmm… My First Attempt at a Weekly Meal Plan

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snapshot of a weekly meal plan In an effort to clean up my freezer and pantry, I made a meal plan for the week that incorporates a lot of the food I want to use up. I know that weekly meal planning can help me save money and not worry about what to make for dinner when 4 pm rolls around, but I have really never wanted to do it. To me it just reeks of 8th grade home economics and seems so unspontaneous (definitely not a word but you catch my drift).

However I am determined to at least give it a try this month and see how it goes… I mean, I really can’t know if I like it until I try it, right? I searched for a super-simple and free meal planning tool on the web and found Say Mmmm. There may be better sites out there (please leave a comment below if you know of one!) but this is the one I found in my one minute of searching. So here is my plan for this week:


I am using some recipes from my Pinterest What’s For Dinner page and I should only have to buy a few items mid-week.

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