Save $0.05 Per Gallon (Every Day) With Shell Fuel Rewards!

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on February 17, 2018

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Shell Gas Savings Snapshot

I’ve saved $42.27 on gas just by entering my phone number at the pump! Shell Fuel Rewards is an easy and free program that rewards you for fueling up at Shell.

I’ve used Shell Fuel Rewards for a while now to save on gas. You can sign up for a free account here (this is my referral link) and you’ll save a minimum of $0.05 per gallon just by entering your phone number at the pump before you get gas.

Now save more just by linking an IHG Rewards account to your Fuel Rewards Account. All you’ll need is your IHG Rewards account number (you can join the program for free here).

Since I have the IHG Rewards Club Mastercard I have Platinum Elite Status (one of the many benefits of holding this card). So I’ll save a minimum of $0.06 per gallon when I enter my phone number at the pump. I’ll take any savings on gas that I can get!

Have you used Fuel Rewards? Please leave a comment below if you have!

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