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My personal goals + one word for 2017…

I recently sat down and recorded my goals for this year in the front of my planner. It was pretty easy since I had been working on them in my mind for a while! Studies show that I’m more likely to achieve my goals if I write them down, so I did. 🙂

Here they are, in no particular order:

  • Travel to three new places
  • Pay down debt incurred by our home remodel by 50%
  • Go on an overnight trip with my husband
  • Buy no new items of clothing (this is my second year for this goal and I’m still going strong)
  • Find 1-2 more kiddos for my little preschool
  • Maintain the garden all summer long

I tried to address some failings from past years (like how I give up on the fight against weeds halfway through the summer!) and address some areas in which I’d like to grow.

Now on to the one word I chose to anchor this year…

Last year I chose the word intentional as my word-of-the-year, and it had a profound impact on me. I’ve been throwing around a bunch of different words to anchor my year in 2017. For example, I’d love to have more focus with my limited time to work on this blog, and I’d love to hone in on my purpose in my work and relationships.

But I find myself especially drawn to the word generosity this year. I realize this might seem like an unlikely word for someone who writes about frugal living! I’d bet that for some the word “frugal” conjures up images of a penny-hoarding miser. But please hear me out, and see if you agree that frugal living and generosity can totally be compatible!

This year I want to be generous with the time and energy I give to others (especially through this blog) and how I give back to myself. I want the question “How can I be generous in this situation?” to serve as a guide for my actions this year. 

I think just being generous with words of encouragement and kindness can be a great start. Anytime I feel like someone is in need of a positive word, I want to be the one who gives it. I want to say yes when my four-year-old daughter asks me to color with her. I want to be generous with praise and sharing other bloggers’ good work, especially on Pinterest where I am most active. And I want to give back to my readers and help you guys live a rich life in any way I possibly can.

I have a tendency to neglect my own needs for the greater good, so I’m making an effort to be generous with myself as well. I am having a cup of tea every afternoon before I sit down to work, because it brings me so much happiness to do so. I am taking a bath before bed at least a few nights each week, even if there are still dirty dishes in the sink. And I am giving myself grace if I mess up and say the wrong thing, which I feel like I am pretty much constantly doing.

So being generous doesn’t have to cost a thing, though I would like to increase how much of our resources we give back. I plan to share regular updates throughout the year on my efforts to focus on being generous this year, so we will see how this goes!

Did you set any goals or choose a word for this year? Please share in a comment below!

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Wednesday 18th of January 2017

I applaud your decision to forego the trip that doesn't fit into your budget right now. You'll be rewarded with peace of mind and it doesn't get any better than that!


Wednesday 18th of January 2017

Thanks so much for your encouraging words, Joel!

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