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$50 DIY Pantry Shelves – No Cutting Required

How to make and install cheap DIY pantry shelves for more storage in your kitchen!

diy pantry shelves cheap and easy

I transformed a broom closet into a functional pantry space with some easy shelves and cheap drawer liner! The total cost for the project was about $50.

You’ll just need a power drill to make and install these cheap DIY shelves. The whole project should take about an hour after a trip to a home improvement store. 

Read on to learn how…

Before My Cheap DIY Shelves Project

old broom closet

Here is what I started with.

My kitchen has a huge lack of shelf storage space, so since there is already a taller broom closet around the corner, I really wanted to use this space as a pantry!

Best Type of DIY Pantry Shelves

adjustable shelves with brackets

I found some very affordable metal shelving brackets and uprights at Lowes.

I chose these so I could adjust the height of the shelves based on what items I wanted to store at the time. They are also super easy to install!

I had to measure completely inside the closet so I would know the right length of uprights to buy. 

The uprights set me back $10 and the brackets were $18 for the six I would need for three shelves. 

How To Install Wall Anchors for Shelves

holes in wall for diy pantry shelves

Next I had to measure and install the wall anchors for the uprights. I used my drill for the holes and a hammer to pound the anchors into the drywall. 

Make sure to use a level and tape measure so your shelves don’t end up crooked!

wall brackets inside pantry

Then I painted the back and bottom of the closet with some white trim paint I had lying around.

The make it more interesting I left the side unpainted and planned to put wallpaper or shelf liner on them instead.

shelf liner at dollar tree

I found this gorgeous shelf and drawer liner for only $1 per roll at Dollar Tree!

I needed one roll for each side of the closet. Since it is technically removable you will want some additional adhesive on the back when you install it. I used some wallpaper glue I had lying around but you could also use wood glue. 

It is super easy to measure and cut the shelf liner to fit perfectly. 

How To Create the DIY Pantry Shelves

diy pantry shlelves cut pieces

For the shelves, I had a 1x10x8 whiteboard cut into three pieces at Lowes.

Measure carefully for your shelves! You want them to fit close to the sides but not too tight.

You can use pine shelving boards instead, but they will be much more expensive.

I spent a few minutes sanding each board to a nice smooth finish.

It only cost me $18 total for the three shelves. Lowes or Home Depot will cut the board for you for free!

clear sealer spray

You can finish them with any clear sealer. I found this clear spray finish on sale for $4.

cheap diy shelves completed

Here is the completed project all put together.

I was very happy with how affordable and functional this DIY pantry shelves project was.

I spent around $50 total for everything and got some custom adjustable shelves in a new pantry. I would have expected to spend hundreds on a project like this!

Any questions about this project? Please leave a comment below!

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