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How To Find The Best Affordable Galapagos Cruise

cruise boat on water in galapagos islands

Going on a cruise can be a wonderful way to explore an area, relax, and have a wonderful time. While there are many places you can go on a cruise to, one of the best is the Galapagos Islands.

It is a nature lover’s dream with a ton of things to do, see, and explore.

It also has a ton of biodiversity and you will see many plants and animals that don’t exist anywhere else on the planet.

However, some cruises can be expensive to book, but thankfully, they don’t have to be.

This article is going to go over a few ways to find the best affordable cruise for the Galapagos Islands, to ensure you have a wonderful time without breaking the bank.

Shop Around

kicker rock from boat

The first tip to find a cheap cruise to the Galapagos, or anywhere for that matter, is to shop around.

The last thing you want to do is simply book with the first place you see, as you could be leaving a better option on the table.

For example, Voyagers Travel offers the best Galapagos cruises and if you didn’t consider or think of them for one reason or another, you could be missing out.

Always take a look at a few options and consider their pricing and features before deciding which to go with. Start your search early, and be exhaustive.

Look online and consider reaching out to different companies to see the kind of cruise packages they offer and ask about the pricing and availability.

Shopping around can certainly take a bit of time and effort, but it is a good way to make sure you end up with the best deal possible for your needs and budget.

If you want to spend some time on land during your trip, I highly suggest checking out San Cristobal Galapagos for excellent things to do and wildlife encounters!

Choose the Right Boat

yacht in harbor

Another important thing to think about when considering the affordability of a cruise is choosing the right boat.

There are many different cruise ship sizes, and each offers something different to travelers. Some are big and can hold thousands of people, while others can barely hold a dozen.

Also, keep in mind that the Galapagos doesn’t allow mega-ships, so your options are a little more limited here than in other places.

Larger ships offer more amenities, and often a more comfortable and luxurious experience. On the other hand, smaller boats may offer something more authentic, and with fewer bells and whistles.

While costs differ on a case-to-case basis, a spot on a larger and more luxurious cruise is often more expensive than one that is more modest.

The ship itself will play a big role in the overall affordability of a trip, so think carefully.

Timing is Everything

Next, a big factor in the affordability of your cruise to the Galapagos will be the timing. When you go, and when you book, can have a large impact on what you pay.

If you go in the high season, you may find it difficult to find an affordable cruise, as many may be sold out well ahead of time.

You may need to book months in advance if you want to find the best deals, so don’t wait.

Of course, if you are flexible and able to wait for last-minute deals, that is another way to save money, though you do run the risk of potentially not getting a spot on a cruise at all.

In addition to when you go, how long you go can also have an impact on price. Going for a few days will certainly cost a lot less than going for a week or longer, so always know your budget ad 

We hope that this article has been able to help you find the best and most affordable Galapagos cruise.

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