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12 Cheap & Easy Snacks for New Moms

Guest Post by Natalie Michele from Maternity at Home

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New motherhood comes with the huge challenge of feeding yourself as you keep up with the demands of your newborn baby. As a new mom, you will be sleep deprived, and your body will need nutritious foods as you recover.

Here’s the good news – there are plenty of ways to make certain that you eat healthily while you care for your baby! Here are some ideas for snacks that you can eat with one hand that won’t break the bank.

1) Drinkable or Squeezable Yogurt

You will need no spoon to have drinkable yogurt or yogurt in an easily squeezable tube. These were invented for preschoolers but they will do definitely do the trick for you.

2) Frozen pocket sandwiches

These sandwiches are super easy to prepare; you simply need to place it in the microwave, then into your mouth. They are also very easy to snack on with one hand.

3) Hard-Boiled Eggs

Eggs are the way to go for any new mom. Look out for brands that are loaded with Omega 3 (a type of fatty acid) which is good for your new born baby; it helps in the development of the brains, eyes and the heart.

4) Larabars

Larabars are gluten, egg, and dairy free and will satisfy your cravings. I order mine by the case from Amazon for the best price – there are often clippable coupons available.

5) String Cheese

String cheese or cheese sticks are perfect for grabbing from the fridge in a hurry.

6) Trail Mix

Don’t overlook the old standby of trail mix. Any combination of nuts and dried fruit will work (I especially like this new Happy Belly Trail Mix from Amazon!)

7) Carrot, Pita, and Hummus

Baby carrots and some pita cut into wedges are perfect for dipping into a container of hummus. You’ll get protein from the hummus and pita and lots of fiber and vitamins from the carrots.

8) Four-Ingredient Peanut Butter Energy Bites

These energy bites from Healthy Liv are easy to make and even easier to pop in your mouth. Just mix up some peanut butter, chocolate chips, honey, and oats, and refrigerate until you are ready to eat.

9) Whole Fruit

Don’t forget to include lots of fruit in your diet as a new mom. Fruits that are easy to eat with one hand and don’t require any prep are the best choices – think blueberries, raspberries, apples, and pears instead of oranges or pomegranates!

10) Frozen Waffles

Eggo and other brands make whole-grain waffles that you can pop into the toaster and have a delicious snack in just a few minutes. Some brands even have fruit added – toaster waffles have come a long way in the nutrition department!

11) Veggie Chips

Getting veggies into your diet is always a challenge when you don’t have much time to prep. Snack foods that incorporate vegetables in some way, such as Kale Chips or Snap Pea Crisps, can help you get the nutrition you need as you snack.

12) Edamame

Pre-shelled frozen edamame can be cooked in the microwave in a matter of minutes. They are easy to pop into your mouth and are packed with protein and fiber.

Stay Hydrated!

In addition to feeding on these healthy snacks, do not forget to drink enough water! Apparently, breastfeeding moms need to drink four more glasses of water than the recommended eight glasses of water on a daily basis.

You could actually get yourself a one-liter bottle and drink up during every nursing session; after three sessions, you will have met the daily water intake requirement.

If you do not like plain water, lemon water will help you spritz things up a great deal. You could also consider taking fennel tea as it is known to increase milk supply and volume.

These easy snacking tips are a great way to remain healthy, fit, and having ample energy to deal with all the tribulations of being a new mother.

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