Wise Bread: Suze Orman’s Top 5 Financial Tips

on July 2, 2015

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I’m sharing an article from Wise Bread, a personal finance and frugal living blog that I follow, because I think this advice from Suze Orman is excellent.

Personally I am doing the best with tips #3 and #5. I definitely know where every dollar goes each month (thanks to this simple method of tracking our spending) and I have consolidated debt in the past with zero interest and only a 1% transfer fee. I also did lots of research on the fees associated with the mutual funds in my IRA to make sure I wasn’t paying too much.

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I’m working on taking Suze’s advice to make sure our family has the right amount of life insurance, especially while our daughter is little. I feel like I’ve undervalued my work in the past as well (tip #4) so I will keep her suggestions in mind the next time I set a price for my work!

Did any of these tips hit home with you? Please share in a comment below!

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