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How to use Airfare Watchdog to get the cheapest possible flights anywhere!

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I’ve mentioned the website Airfare Watchdog to several people lately so I figured it merited a post.

I use this free site to get email alerts when the cost of airfare drops on flights I am looking to book. I have saved hundreds (maybe thousands) of dollars by using these free Fare Alerts!

For example, we are planning a trip to see my family in Massachusetts this July. So I have created a fare alert on Airfare Watchdog for a flight from Raleigh Durham (RDU) to Boston.

If the current price of this flight drops, I will get an email from Airfare Watchdog notifying me of the new low price.

I particularly like this free service because it:
• checks fares on all airlines, including Southwest
• includes promo code offers (Frontier uses these extensively, for example) and airline-site exclusive offers
• sends updates daily so you don’t miss the best deals. Sometimes airlines will offer amazing deals on new routes for only a short time.

Ok, now I will walk you through how to sign-up for your own email fare alerts.

From the Airfare Watchdog homepage, mouse over the “Flights” button. From the drop-down menu, click on “Set Up Alerts”.

Airfarewatchdog website to set up alerts

Next enter your name and the email address where you want to receive your fare alert emails. Then, create your fare alerts in Step 2. I suggest setting up City-to-City Fare Alerts if you know you are going to fly somewhere in the near future.

My Fare Alerts subscribe form

When you check the City-to-City Fare Alerts box you can then enter the specific routes you want to follow.

city to city fare alerts image

At the bottom of this page, I suggest opting to receive alerts Daily. I do receive emails often from this service, however the subject line of the email contains the low fare so I only open it if it’s close to the price I am looking for for a flight. Here is an example from my inbox:

example of email inbox

I hope this free service helps you save money on your next trip! Please leave any questions in the comments.

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Sunday 24th of December 2023

Very helpful article. I was very surprised to see they use real people, not just computers, to verify the airfares. I'm going to give this far watch service a try. Thank you!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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