How to use Airfare Watchdog to get the cheapest possible flights anywhere!

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on February 28, 2015

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airfare watchdog logoI’ve mentioned the website Airfare Watchdog to several people lately so I figured it merited a post. I use this free site to get email alerts when the cost of airfare drops on flights I am looking to book. I have saved hundreds (maybe thousands) of dollars by using these free Fare Alerts!

For example, we are planning a trip to see my family in Massachusetts this July. So I have created a fare alert on Airfare Watchdog for a flight from Raleigh Durham (RDU) to Boston. If the current price of this flight drops, I will get an email from Airfare Watchdog notifying me of the new low price.

I particularly like this free service because it:
• checks fares on all airlines, including Southwest
• includes promo code offers (Frontier uses these extensively, for example) and airline-site exclusive offers
• sends updates daily so you don’t miss the best deals. Sometimes airlines will offer amazing deals on new routes for only a short time.

Ok, now I will walk you through how to sign-up for your own email fare alerts.

From the Airfare Watchdog homepage, mouse over the “Flights” button. From the drop-down menu, click on “Set Up Alerts”.

2015-02-28 06_23_55-Airfare Deals - Cheap Flights - Airfarewatchdog

Next enter your name and the email address where you want to receive your fare alert emails. Then, create your fare alerts in Step 2. I suggest setting up City-to-City Fare Alerts if you know you are going to fly somewhere in the near future.

2015-02-28 06_26_20-Fare Alerts_ Know When Flight Prices Drop - Airfarewatchdog - Airfarewatchdog

When you check the City-to-City Fare Alerts box you can then enter the specific routes you want to follow.

2015-02-19 06_31_33-Fare Alerts_ Know When Flight Prices Drop - Airfarewatchdog - Airfarewatchdog

At the bottom of this page, I suggest opting to receive alerts Daily. I do receive emails often from this service, however the subject line of the email contains the low fare so I only open it if it’s close to the price I am looking for for a flight. Here is an example from my inbox:

2015-02-28 06_35_58-(92 unread)

I hope this free service helps you save money on your next trip! Please leave any questions in the comments.

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