TurboTax Federal Free Edition: Get an extra 5% in Amazon gift cards!

on February 2, 2015

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Today a friend shared this tip with me: if you file your taxes with TurboTax you can earn an extra 5-10% of your refund in Amazon gift cards.

Here is how it works… if you file with the TurboTax Federal Free Edition, you can receive part or all of your refund in the form of an Amazon gift card. You will also get an additional 5% of the amount you select to receive in gift cards added to your total. For example, if you choose to get $500 of your refund in the form of an Amazon gift card, you will get an additional $25 added to your Amazon gift card amount. If you buy most of your household essentials through Amazon Subscribe & Save like we do, then this is a great deal.

Plus, the TurboTax Federal Free Edition actually is free. It costs $0 to do your Federal taxes, $0 to do your state taxes, and $0 to file.


If you need tax preparation software with more features, then TurboTax Deluxe Edition may be right for you. If you file with the Deluxe Edition you can earn an extra 10% back on the part of your refund you receive in Amazon gift cards.

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