How I Saved $648 On Clothes Today

on November 13, 2016

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I just placed an order from my favorite secondhand clothing site, Schoola, and I had to share my incredible savings. I was looking for holiday dresses for my daughter and myself  because my mother-in-law is taking us to see the Nutcracker Ballet as a Christmas gift.  I came away a few dresses, shoes for both of us, new rain boots for her, fleece pants for both of us, and two pairs of jeans. The total? $26.40 shipped. For everything.


According to Schoola I saved $648 off retail prices on my purchases, which I estimate to be a little on the high side but really not too far off.

I saved 60% off of my order with the promo code 5popcnov60, which is good through Tuesday, November 15th (excludes new with tags items). Shipping is free on orders over $25 and folks new to Schoola can get $10 off of their order.

Don’t miss out on this great sale if you still need any clothes for the upcoming winter season!

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