Spring has arrived and all is quiet on the blog front…

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on April 5, 2016

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Spring flowers at Duke Gardens

Things have been really quiet here at The Frugal South for the past few weeks so I thought I should give y’all an update. Nothing earth shattering, just general busyness that hasn’t left me any time for blogging! Spring arrived and with it a TON of work here at our homestead.


We got baby chicks a few weeks back and while they are cute they are also extra work! Our flock now totals 16 and the chicks are growing crazy fast.

I’ve been doing a bunch of other glamorous work such as clearing flower beds, laying down mulch, painting window frames, and deep cleaning our house. My dad visited and we had a great time with him. I’ve also been trying to get two more side hustles going and they have been sucking a ton of time.


I spent the entire day today packing for a trip to Disney World! The little one and I are heading to Florida to spend some time with my sister and nephew. We aren’t visiting the theme parks and just plan to hang out at the pool and eat at a few new restaurants. I’m not taking my computer with me, so there won’t be any updates while I am there. This is the first time I will be away from my computer in over two years and I am kind of freaking out. But I know I really need a break and this is the perfect chance!


I hope you are enjoying some spring weather where ever you are and I hope to be back blogging regularly in about a week!

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