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Frugal Gift Guide – Gifts That Save Money Year Round

UntitledA gift that keeps on giving is one that saves the recipient money year round! Here is a roundup of some unique gifts that can help your family and friends save money. Most have the added benefit of reducing waste or packaging which is always appreciated.


Hands-Free Baggy Holder – $8.42

Possibly the most helpful kitchen gadget ever. If you or a loved one preps any freezer meals or just often saves food in bags, this Hands-Free Baggy Holder is a must. Even better, get two of them for $10.00 and keep one for yourself!

recap recap2

reCAP Mason Jars Pour Cap – $7.99

Turn a humble mason jar into a salad dressing bottle, marinade bottle, snack dispenser or who knows what else with a Mason jar pour cap. I save our family money by making our own dressings and marinades and I have been looking for a good container in which to store them. I wish I had dreamed up this product… so simple yet so helpful.

whiskDanish Dough Whisk – $6.99

For years I have been saving us money by making my own pizza dough and one thing that makes that process much easier is this danish dough whisk. My strong dislike of complicated and hard-to-clean kitchen devices keeps me from making certain food at home. But this whisk is super easy to clean and perfect for mixing pizza dough (or any kind of sticky, hard to mix dough). It would make a great gift with a copy of The Pioneer Woman’s pizza dough recipe… or even better the awesome Pioneer Woman Cookbook in which it is found!


plant bagsHydrofarm 5 Gallon Plant Bags – $7.72

Growing your own food is an awesome way to save money, but planting and maintaining a garden just ins’t feasible for everyone. These 5 gallon bags for container gardening are perfect for growing edible plants such as tomatoes and herbs without the need for a garden. They are breathable, lightweight, reusable and require very little maintenance – no tilling , hoeing or weeding! We have maintained a container garden for years with bags such as these as well as 5 gallon buckets and the bags are definitely the way to go.

baking matsArtisan Silicone Baking Mats – $15.27

These might be my most-used kitchen item! These silicone baking mats provide a no-stick surface and easy clean-up just like parchment paper, but are reusable and can help a cook save money for years to come.

lunch bloxlunch bagLunch Blox Food Storate – $8.54 & Insulated Lunch Bag – $10.47

Taking a lunch to work instead of buying it at a restaurant each day has the potential to save thousands of dollars each year. We have the Lunch Blox Salad container and it is great for keeping the dressing and toppings separate until you are ready to chow down. An insulated lunch bag that fits a variety of containers can make it easier to take lunch to work, too.
yogurt makerEuro Cuisine Yogurt Maker – $22.99

Yogurt makers can save bunches if you eat yogurt regularly or use it make smoothies everyday like we do. This Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker gets great reviews and is reasonably priced.


dryer ballsdryer balls info





Wool Dryer Balls – $17.95

These wool dryer balls are a great alternative to dryer sheets. They naturally soften fabric and reduce static. Not only do they save the money you would have spent on dryer sheets but they also reduce your energy bill by speeding up drying time! You can even purchase scent kits to use with the dryer balls. These are a no-fail gift for the frugal folks on your list.

I hope this guide helped you find a unique gift for the frugally-minded on your list. Happy Holidays!

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Tuesday 22nd of December 2015

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Wednesday 3rd of December 2014

I know someone who absolutely LOVES her silpat silicone mats. Hope you get them!


Thursday 4th of December 2014

They have disappeared off of my wish list... It must have been Santa! Yay! Thanks for reading Adrienne!

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