Learn How To Save on Groceries & Keep More Money in Your Pocket Every Month!

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on January 5, 2018

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Groceries are a huge expense for our family, second only to our house payment. And our grocery budget is not a rigid expense – it’s one expense I have a lot of control over!

Therefore I LOVE to find ways to save money on groceries and make my life easier at the same time. Erin Chase (of $5 Dinner fame) has created a course that does just that – help free up your time and money by giving your grocery budget a makeover!

Erin’s Grocery Budget Makeover course is a total overhaul that will help you stop overspending, stop wasting money, and forever change your mindset when it comes to grocery spending.

Grocery Budget Makeover is a 5-week course that will change the way your shop for groceries. Each week, you’ll get an email with videos to watch, worksheets, fun tips and tricks, and a weekly challenge.

Folks who have completed the course in the past have collectively saved hundreds of thousands of dollars on groceries!

Registration for this course is only open a few times each year, and lucky for you registration is open now through Monday, January 8th.

The cost of the course is $49 which you will easily earn back in savings at the grocery store during the first few weeks of the course. Think of it as an investment that will end up keeping more money in your pocket for YEARS to come!

Any questions about Grocery Budget Makeover? Please leave a comment below or send me a message on The Frugal South’s Facebook page.

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