Have you joined Shell Fuel Rewards? Save $0.25/gallon and enter to win one of 100 BMWs!

on July 14, 2015

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It’s hard to find ways to save on gas that aren’t credit cards, but here is one way that I recommend highly. If you join Shell’s  free Fuel Rewards program you will save 25¢ per gallon on your second fill-up using the card.  Fuel Rewards is similar to a grocery store loyalty card, you just scan it before you pump gas and you will save at the minimum 3 cents off per gallon at any Shell station. I use it every time I get gas and it saves me between $20 – $40 per year, depending on how much I drive!

After you sign-up online (this is my referral link) you will receive your card in the mail in about a week. Then before you fill up at a Shell station, scan your card to get your savings.

2015-07-14 07_28_17-Swipe & win a 2016 BMW 320i _ FR

Also, through September 18th, each time you swipe your card and purchase at least 8 gallons of gas you will be entered to win one of 100 brand new BMWs! I certainly would not protest if someone handed me the keys to any new car.

If you still have questions, check out this video that explains how the program works:

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