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Ireland’s Must-Visit Counties For Family Travel

I was compensated for this post but all opinions are my own. country path in Ireland with a purple sky and purple flowers

I am starting to plan our family’s travel for 2019, and Ireland is one of the locations at the top of our list! I visited Northern Ireland way back in 2000, but I’ve never been to Ireland proper and would love to go.

Each of Ireland’s counties offers something different, and to help you decide how to spend your time while you are here, I’ll offer you a rundown of some of the most popular to help you make your mind up.

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Ready? Then grab your Guinness and let’s get going!

County Clare

The famous Cliffs of Moher

The famous Cliffs of Moher

Like many of Ireland’s regions, County Clare is renowned for its breathtaking scenery. The Burren is one of the most popular attractions. Tucked away in the northwest corner of the county, this is an area is well-known for its unique flora and rock formations.

During the spring and summer months, expect to see and an abundance of color. And you certainly can’t miss out on a trip to the Cliffs of Moher, stretching five miles along and offering stunning views across the country.

County Cork

Irish Castle

The center of life in County Cork is the eponymous city, which is essentially built on an island with 16 bridges leading into it. It is a center of culture with its many theatres and galleries, as well as being a place where you can enjoy excellent nightlife activities with its many pubs and restaurants.

Nearby, you will find one of Ireland’s most famous historical sites, Blarney Castle, which dates back to the mid-15th century.

Country Donegal

County Donegal is an area which is famed for its sandy beaches and welcoming communities. And one of the central attractions is Glenveagh National Park, which is essentially a huge nature reserve where you can enjoy beautiful mountain scenery, lakes, and woodland.

As you would expect, hiking opportunities are available in abundance. Glenveagh Castle is the historical center which is at its heart. If you are interested in active sports such as climbing, surfing, and hill-walking, this is certainly the place to come!

County Kilkenny

Kilkenny is a county which mixes natural scenery with interesting historical centers. And while you are here, you should certainly check out the Smithwicks Experience in Kilkenny. If you are interested in history, the county is bursting with it.

County Kerry

The Ring of Kerry is the most famous attraction in this county, and one of the most well-known in the entirety of the nation. It is a place of natural beauty, as well as one of the counties which have worked the hardest to preserve the national identity of the country.

County Galway

The capital city is small, but also lively and inviting. Head further up the coast and you will arrive in the fabled Connemara region. You can also take a trip out to the remote Aran Islands, where you will see a different way of life which has been going on for centuries.

Each one of these Irish counties offers something different to visitors, and they are all certainly more than worth a visit.

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