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Iceland Packing List for Spring, Summer, and Fall

Here’s an Iceland packing list for the “warmer” months of the year.

Packing for an Iceland vacation is very different from most trips you’ll make in the spring, summer, or fall!

Here’s everything you should consider when deciding what to pack for warmer months. Keep in mind it can be quite cold and windy any time of the year in Iceland.

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Synthetic Socks


You’ll need warm and comfortable socks for getting out to see the sights. Avoid cotton socks as they can get wet and hold the moisture against your feet.

The best choice is a synthetic blend sock such as these Cuddl Dud Socks from Target.

Waterproof Hiking Shoes

tennis shoes

If you want to view Iceland waterfalls or do any hiking, you should definitely invest in a pair of waterproof hiking shoes. Water “resistant” shoes won’t keep your feet dry – you want waterproof shoes. 

But fear not – they don’t have to be expensive. These Women’s Waterproof Hiking Shoes from Mountain Warehouse are a budget-friendly choice. 

Iceland Packing List: Quick Drying Towel


You might not think of bringing your own towel on a trip to Iceland, but trust me – you will want it!

You will have to pay to rent a towel at any geothermal pool or springs in Iceland unless you bring your own towel. And you won’t want to bring one from your hotel or rental home and risk losing or damaging it. 

So put one of these inexpensive and quick-drying towels on your Iceland summer packing list!

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Mid-Weight Fleece

fleece jacket

You’ll want a warm mid-weight fleece for layering when you visit Iceland. I like this Women’s Benton Springs Columbia Fleece jacket from Macy’s.

It’s affordable and isn’t too heavy but will keep you cozy. 



You’ll thank me for suggesting that you bring along a Thermos full of hot coffee or tea when you venture out on your Golden Circle tour. Get this lovely rose gold thermos from Target here. 


Thermal Leggings Base Layer

thermal leggings for iceland packing list

You’ll want a lightweight base layer in Iceland – even in the summer. It will wick moisture away from your skin and keep you comfortable. I like these affordable thermal leggings from Mountain Warehouse

Iceland Packing List: Swimsuit

swim suit

I know it’s strange to mention long underwear in one breath and a swimsuit in the next, but such is the nature of a visit to Iceland!

You’ll want to be sure to bring a swimsuit for a visit to the Blue Lagoon or one of Iceland’s geothermal pools. I like the variety and prices of Target swimwear – check it out here. 

Packable Raincoat


There is always a chance of wind and rain in Iceland. I own this packable Waterproof Rain Jacket from Moutain Warehouse and I love it.

It packs down small enough to through into your bag for the day. 

You definitely want a waterproof coat as opposed to something that is “water resistant”. You’ll enjoy the waterfalls much more if you aren’t getting wet yourself!

Lightweight Travel Pants


Lightweight travel pants will make your Iceland visit so much more enjoyable. They dry quickly, are comfortable, and are easy to layer on top of thermal leggings (see above). 

I suggest a pair that is cotton-free, such as these Explore Women’s Pants from Mountain Warehouse

Iceland Packing List: Sleep Mask

sleep mask for iceland packing list

Last but not least is a sleep mask. If you visit Iceland in the summer, you’ll get to experience up to 20 hours of daylight.

This makes sleeping without the aid of a mask (and blackout curtains) a challenge! Be sure to bring a mask along (like this soft and comfortable one from Target) for the plane ride and keep it handy for each night of your trip. 

Other Things Not To Forget:

Here are some other items you’ll want to be sure and pack for your three season travel to Iceland:

  • Warm hat and gloves (synthetic fabric – no cotton)
  • Sunglasses (especially important for protecting your eyes on snow)
  • A thick coat for early spring and late fall travel
  • Water resistant shoes or boots for a city day
  • Comfortable clothes for the long flights

I hope this Iceland packing list helped you plan for your trip! Any questions? Leave a comment below or send me a message on The Frugal South’s Facebook page

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