Ibotta: Save up to $2.25 on eggs, bread, OJ and more with any brand rebates

on March 22, 2015

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Ibotta has a bunch of “any brand” rebates this week so you can earn cash back on things you are likely buying anyway. These offers expire on March 24th at 4 am.

2015-03-22 07_12_23-Grocery Rebates - Better Than Coupons - Ibotta.com

Here is a list of all of the any brand rebates available this week:

  • One Dozen Eggs – $0.50
  • Orange Juice – $0.25
  • Bread – Pre-sliced Loaf – $0.25
  • Barbecue Sauce – $0.25
  • Bagged Candy – $0.25
  • Bacon – $0.25
  • Cereal – $0.25
  • Ice Cream – $0.25

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