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Everything Needs to Match!

After you have found a price discrepancy comes the part critical to getting a BRG claim approved. You have to check out the room and rate on both Orbitz and the site with the lower price and make sure that all of the details on the room match exactly. Here are the things you will want to look for:

  • Make sure it is a room with free cancellation and that the cancellation policies match exactly
  • Make sure the bed type and room type match exactly
  • Must be a publicly available rate and bookable by anyone (doesn’t require membership to a site)

2015-11-06 21_41_03-Wrightsville Beach

Here was the description on Orbtiz of the room I wanted to book at Shell Island Resort.

bpg 3

And here is the description of the room on CheapTickets. I checked it thoroughly to make sure that everything matched, and it did! So it’s on to the next step.

Book on Orbitz & Submit a BRG Claim

The next step is to book the room on Orbitz. I went ahead and booked the room I wanted on Orbitz and noted my confirmation number. Then I went to the Orbitz Best Price Guarantee page and clicked the link to submit a claim for a hotel stay. Note that the claim must be submitted at least two days prior to your check-in to be approved.

The form asked for details such as my contact info, confirmation number, how much I paid on Orbtiz, and the price and website where I found in cheaper. It took me a few minutes to fill out the form and I submitted it around 9 pm. The next morning when I checked my inbox I found an email that it had been approved. Yay!

bpg claim

Also note the thank you at the beginning and end of the email. If you feel weird about taking advantage of Orbitz’s BPG policy at all, rest assured that you actually are helping them find where folks can get a lower price then correct their prices accordingly. They are willing to reward customers who help them keep their prices the lowest so know that you are providing a valuable service!

What I Paid & What I Got


The view from our room

Since I am an Orbucks Silver Member, I earned a $100 plus the price difference between the two sites for a total Orbucks credit of $108.76. I also earned $4.53 in regular Orbucks on the stay for a total of $113.29. I paid a little over $130 total for the stay included taxes and resort fee. So basically I was out around $20 for our one night stay at Shell Island Resort. Check out our ocean-front suite:





Not too shabby for $20, right? Since I knew we were going to have a full kitchen, I packed groceries and we ate all of our meals in the room. We enjoyed the indoor and outdoor pools, hot tub, and the BEACH of course!


I checked my Orbucks account each day after we checked out and my account was credited for the BRG claim one business day later. The email said it might take 5 to 7 business days so I was pleasantly surprised!

2015-11-09 - My Account_ My Orbitz Rewards

So, in summary, using Orbitz Best Price Guarantee policy can help you score huge savings on hotel stays. I had a super easy and smooth experience with the system my first time around, though I’m sure it may not always be so easy to find a price discrepancy.

If you are a frequent Disney traveler and use Orbitz to book your rooms, you can almost think of this like “pre-paying” for your Disney stay in Orbucks, all the while enjoying cheap or free hotel stays! What do you think, would you ever try using the Best Price Guarantee? Please leave a comment on page one!

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