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Get $0.50 Off Per Gallon with the BPme app!

Are you taking a much-needed family vacation this summer? I know we are!

If driving is part of your vacation then I strongly suggested you download the free BPme app to save money on gas.

I’ve been using the this app for about six months now and I love paying from inside my car and saving money every time I get gas.

Read on to learn all about how it works and how to get $0.50 off per gallon after your first fill-up!


The first thing I love about using BPme is that I can pay from my car when I pull up to the pump. 

I just open up the app, tap Pay For Fuel, select my location and pump number, and the app magically unlocks the pump for me. 

I don’t have to get my credit card out or mess around with swiping it and entering my zip code at the pump. 

You enter whatever credit or debit card you’d like as a payment method in the app. I use my Amex Blue card which earns 2% cash back on gas with no annual fee.

If I have an available reward (which I always do) then it is automatically applied and lowers your cost at the pump. The standard monthly reward is 5₵ off per gallon. 

And for a limited time if you download the BPme app using the promo code SAVINGS1 you’ll receive an introductory one-time 50₵/gallon additional discount on your next fuel up after you complete your first in-app transaction of $10 or more.

This app is an absolute no-brainer for me. It’s easier to use than swiping my card at the pump and I save money.

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Any questions about the BPme app? Leave a comment below or send me a message on The Frugal South’s Facebook page!


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