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Easy Disney Crafts For Kids

Here are my favorite Disney crafts for kids to keep those little ones busy!

Disney Crafts for Kids Pinterest Image

You can still have lots of Disney magic in your life, even when you can’t get to the theme parks.

Disney arts and crafts are a fun way to bring some Disney into your life. 

Kids will love these easy Disney crafts and they all use materials you likely already have at home!

Here are my top ten favorite ideas for a Disney craft for kids: 

  • Mickey & Minnie Paper Chains
  • Pixar Inside Out Toilet Paper Roll Characters
  • Elsa’s Frozen Cardboard Castle
  • Disney Inspired Slime recipes
  • Moana Popsicle Stick Boat
  • Pixar’s Up Thumbprint Picture
  • Princess Peg Dolls
  • Baby Yoda Paper Bag Puppet
  • Lion Guard Paper Plate Masks
  • Mickey Mouse Pom-Pom Garland

If you have some of the following materials at home you are well on your way to making these crafts: paper plates, construction paper, paint, popsicle sticks, hot glue, and pom poms.

Get detailed instructions for these fun Disney craft ideas below. 

Mickey & Minnie Paper Chain Craft from Or So She Says…

mickey and minnie paper chain craft

I absolutely love making paper chains. There is something very therapeutic about it.. or is this just me?? 

Make these adorable Mickey and Minnie paper chains. Or create your own designs for your favorite characters!

They definitely don’t have to be countdown chains. You can just create them for decoration. 

Moana Craft Ideas from Healthy Happy Thrifty Family

moana popsicle boat craft

I love this popsicle stick boat craft and the other Moana craft ideas from this page

They can serve as a jumping-off point for your own Moana-inspired craft projects. 

Baby Yoda Paper Bag Puppet from Simple Everyday Mom

closeup of baby yoda puppet craft

Ok, who isn’t infatuated with baby Yoda right now? Create your own Baby Yoda paper bag puppet here

It would be pretty easy to create other Star Wars characters with paper bags, too.

Then you could recreate scenes from your favorite movie! Or develop your own future installment. 

Princess Peg Dolls from Lil Blue Boo

princess wooden doll diy disney craft for kids

You can create mini versions of Ariel and her sisters with this adorable Princess Peg dolls project

You could definitely adapt this to using regular clothes pins with a similar effect.

Disney Inspired Slime Recipes from The Unprepared Mommy

collage of different slime recipes inspired by Disney

Have you ever made slime at home? We do this often and I promise it isn’t the huge mess you might imagine!

Check out this roundup of 19 Disney slime recipes and give it a go. 

Pixar Inside Out Toilet Paper Roll Characters from Meaningful Mama

Inside Out Themed Toilet Paper Roll Craft

This adorable Pixar Inside Out toilet paper roll craft uses some basic crafting materials to create the characters from Inside Out. 

It could easily be adapted to your favorite Disney movie!

Elsa’s Frozen Castle Cardboard Craft from Crafty Morning

Elsa's Frozen Castle Cardboard Craft

Speaking of cardboard, how cool is this Elsa’s Frozen Castle craft project?

It uses materials you probably have around the house and can involve lots of creativity. Plus glitter. And everyone loves that. 😉 

Pixar’s Up Thumbprint Craft from Fun Handprint Art

Pixar's Up Thumbprint Craft

I love this adorable Disney arts and crafts idea inspired by Pixar’s Up

You can let kids pick the colors of their balloons and pose however they want for the picture.

All you need is some paint and a printer!


Lion Guard Paper Plate Masks from STEAMsational

The Lion Guard paper plate masks pinterest image

If your kiddos are fans of The Lion Guard show in Disney Jr., then they will love to create these paper plate masks of characters from the show

After they create the masks they can pretend to be their favorite character from the show and act out stories. 

Mickey Mouse Pom Pom Garland from Magically Melissa

mickey pom pom disney craft for kids

We love pom poms around here! 

Get this tutorial on how to make Mickey Mouse pom-poms for a garland from Magically Melissa. 

You could adapt this to make any color garland for any holiday. Or use different materials for hanging the pom poms. 

The possibilities are endless. 

I hope you enjoyed this round-up of my favorite easy Disney crafts for kids. Disney arts and crafts are a super fun way to get excited for an upcoming trip to Disney World!

Any questions or suggestions? Just leave a comment below!

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