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DIY Homemade Drain Cleaner: Easy & All Natural

DIY All Natural drain cleaner pinterest image

When our kitchen sink gets sluggish I use this easy homemade drain cleaner to clean out any funky build-up and getting everything running smoothly again. I’ve also used it to help loosen clogs in both the kitchen and bathroom. It is super easy to make, all natural and extremely frugal!

Here are the basic instructions, though note that I am estimating the amounts since I don’t measure anything.

First, get some water boiling on the stove. I mostly fill a small 4 quart stockpot and give it a few minutes to come to a boil.

double sink

Next dump about a half cup of baking soda into each drain.

Then have your vinegar ready because you have to do the next step quickly. Pour half of the boiling water into the drains, followed quickly by a cup or two of vinegar. I just pour the vinegar right out of the bottle into the drains immediately after I pour the hot water down there.

vinegar and baking soda

The idea is that the baking soda and vinegar will react in the drain line, making crazy bubbles that break loose any food funk that is slowing down your drains. Sometimes the funk floats up out of the drain in which case I try to wipe it up quickly before it does back down.

After a minute or two, pout the rest of the boiling water down the drain to flush it all out. I usually turn the water on hot and let it run for a minute as well.

I hope you try this out… it is actually kind of fun watching and listening to the bubbles as they work their magic!

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