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What living a frugal life really means… to me

The new year is a good time to get all philosophical for a minute, right? As I plod my way through my happy though sometimes un-glamorous life, I occasionally challenge myself with this question: Am I really living in line with my values? Is how I spend my time and money actually in sync with what …

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Here’s my honest review based on my many experiences with the site! I discovered earlier this year when the little one went through a growth spurt and none of her clothes (or shoes) fit her. I had exhausted our local consignment shops and needed a broader pool and I thought: there must be a …

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Ultimate Frugal Smoothie {Recipe & Tips}

You might be thinking: Smoothie recipes are a dime a dozen nowadays! What makes this one so special? Well, I’ve been making smoothies almost daily for years (we have 20 blueberry bushes on our property so who knows how many gallons of blueberry smoothie I’ve consumed) and I think I’ve finally found smoothie nirvana. Here’s …

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