2017 Goals Update: $3,300 in Debt Payoff and More…

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on July 4, 2017

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It’s hard to believe 2017 is already half over, isn’t it? I try to remember to review my goals every quarter, and though I missed the first quarter (oops), at least I’m checking in now.

Goal #1: Pay Down Debt

My first goal for the year was to pay down the $5,000 in debt we acquired during our kitchen remodel last year. I ‘ve been monitoring the balance every month and am happy to report that I’ve already paid down $3,300 of the balance! That’s ahead of schedule for meeting my end of the year goal to pay it off.

I am keeping track of the balance that’s on a zero-interest balance transfer card in a spreadsheet, but you could also use Credit Karma to monitor the balance on your accounts. I started using this site a few months ago and I absolutely love it! It shows me my up-to-date credit score with both Transunion and Equifax and my current balance on my credit cards. Credit Karma is totally free and easy to use so I recommend it without hesitation.

Goal #2: Find 1-2 More Kiddos for Preschool

In addition to blogging, I make a part-time income watching little ones at my home. Since I set this goal I’ve actually decided that I don’t want to take on watching any more little ones so I can focus more on the blog and have the opportunity to try out a little homeschool co-op with my daughter.

Nonetheless, I have agreed to watch one sweet little girl VERY part-time starting in the fall and will cut back hours with the little one who I’ve been watching for the past three years. So I guess I’ve achieved this goal without trying?

Goal #3: Go On An Overnight Trip With My Husband

Our awesome date night dinner

Well, so far no progress on this goal. But we did manage to go out for our anniversary (7 years!) in May and we had a great time!

I need to put plans in motion for another date night and an eventual overnight trip together. Does anyone else struggle tremendously to make time with their spouse? It is one of my biggest struggles but I’m working at it!

Goal #4: Travel to Three New Places

Embassy Suites Fort Lauderdale

I used to travel all over the country (45 states visited so far) and internationally, but since having a little one our trips have mostly been limited to visiting family and Disney World.

So I am trying to branch out with our travels this year. We took a trip with my dad to Fort Lauderdale, FL this March¬†so that was my first new place of the year! We have a long weekend trip to Greenville, SC planned for next month to see the total solar eclipse, so that will be #2. We have plans to travel to Las Vegas at the end of October so I’m hoping to add on a side trip to somewhere totally new… any suggestions?

Goal #5: Buy No New Clothing (Year Two)

I made a pact to buy no new clothing in 2016 and it went so well that I’m continuing it for year two. I have cheated on a few occasions this year. I bought a coverup for the beach on Amazon and a new white t-shirt at Target to go with a skirt a friend gave me. But besides that I’ve been able to buy only secondhand clothing or nothing at all so far this year! I’m able to find anything I need for myself (and my daughter) on Schoola and Swap.com without much trouble.

Goal #6: Maintain Garden All Summer

I have a bad habit of starting a garden and then giving up on it when the weeds take over in August. ūüôĀ Realizing that this is my pattern, I decided to cut way back and put my tomatoes in containers by my porch. So far this is working great! I’m still getting loads of tomatoes and don’t have to worry about weeds.

Well, that’s it for my goals update. How are you doing with your goals this year? Is there any way I can help you meet your goals or anything you are struggling with? Please leave a comment below or send me a message on The Frugal South’s Facebook page!

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