Flying For Free with Southwest Points FAQs

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Recently I’ve had a few friends ask me great questions about Southwest airlines points and credit cards. I figure that if they are wondering, then others likely are, too! So I’m sharing answers to their questions and some others I get asked frequently about flying for free on Southwest. I hope it will help you understand how to use Southwest points for frugal travel!

Q: Can I use my Southwest Rapid Reward points to book flights for others, even if they aren’t family members?

A: This one is easy: YES! You can use your points to book flights for anyone. You’ll just need their name exactly as it appears on their ID and their birth date. The ticket will be in their name and they will get their own confirmation number. You can even send an email confirmation straight to their inbox.


Waiting to catch a flight at the airport

Q: If I open a Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Visa now, when will I get my 50,000 bonus points?

A: To earn the current offer of 50,000 bonus points, you will need to meet the minimum spending requirement of $2,000 in the first three months after opening your account. When your receive your first statement (online or in the mail), you will be able to find when your statement closes each month.


In the example above, my statement closed on November 7th, 2016. You can expect to see the 50,000 points deposited in your Rapid Rewards account about five days after the closing date of the statement during which you met the $2,000 minimum spend. And if it isn’t clear, the requirement is to spend $2,000 total on the card during the first three months after card opening, so that may be spread over several statements. Also, the annual fee and returns do not count toward the minimum spend, so be sure you get enough of your regular spending on this card so as to not miss out on the bonus!

Q: What is Southwest Companion Pass and how do I earn it? 

A: This question deserves a post unto itself, but I will try to be brief! Anyone who earns 110,000 Southwest Rapid Reward points in a single calendar year automatically receives a Companion Pass from Southwest. This pass allows another person, designated by you, to fly with you for free for the remainder of that year and the following year.

2016-11-13-20_53_13-southwest-airlines-_-my-accountHere’ where it gets interesting. Your companion can fly for free whether you pay for your flight with points or dollars. Points earned from opening Southwest credit cards DO count towards earning a Companion Pass. So many folks (including myself) have opened both a personal and business Southwest card in one year and gotten most of the way to Companion Pass with these sign-on bonuses! (Note: Not all points count towards Companion Pass, so I suggest you read this detailed description at Million Miles Secrets before you start the process.)

The best strategy for earning a Companion Pass is to time it so that you earn the points from the sign-on bonuses early in the year. I hit the 110,000 point goal in February of this year, so I have had a Companion Pass for most of 2016 and will have it for ALL of 2017!


One more thing – you are able to change your named companion up to three times during the time you hold the pass. For example, I started out with my daughter as my companion. Then I switched my companion to my friend Toni so she could fly to Florida with me for free in September. Then I called and had it switched back to my daughter, who will remain my companion for the rest of the time I hold the pass.

Q: Can I change/cancel flight reservations I make with Southwest points without any penalty?

And here is my favorite part about traveling with Southwest. Southwest charges no change or cancellation fees, whether you pay with dollars or points. If you need to change your flight, you can just re-book it and pay whatever the current rate is for your new flight. If you book a flight with points, and the cost later drops due to a fare sale, you can very easily re-book the exact same flight and get a refund of the points difference.


To get a refund of points due to a price drop, first find your Southwest confirmation email. Near the top you will see the above menu. Click on “Change Flight”, then enter your name and confirmation number (also in that email). Book the same flights again, and you will get a refund of the point difference between what you first paid and the new (lower) amount. Booking with points on Southwest is pretty risk-free, so anytime I see a sale on a flight I am watching I go ahead and book it. The price almost always drops, but at least I have my seat secured and I can get points refunded later.

Do you have any others questions about flying for free or cheap on Southwest? Please leave a comment below and I will do my best to answer your question!


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  1. LauraB says:

    Thanks Leah! You answered all my questions!

    I recently opened a Southwest VISA account and am charging all my expenses on it to earn points to pay for the flights to send my daughter, her fiancee and her soon-to-be stepson to Disney World in May!

    Your frugal advice has made it possible for me to send them on their first magical vacation together to Disney World!

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