How to Earn Free Gift Cards for Your Holiday Fund with Swagbucks

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One of the ways I am adding to our Christmas fund this year is with Swagbucks. It’s a fairly easy and painless way to earn extra money!


With little effort I’ve earned $85.75 in Amazon gift cards through Swagbucks since giving it a try earlier this year. Lots of people earn this much or more every month, but they put in a lot more time! I mainly earn Swagbucks by using their search engine and entering Swagcodes throughout the day, but there are many more ways to earn.

2015-06-06 15_43_58-Rewards Store - Search_ amazon _ Swagbucks

You can redeem Swagbucks  for PayPal credit, Amazon gift cards, and more. I especially like that Swagbucks is a 100% free, no strings attached, no membership fee program.


As an example, I got the sunhat I wore on my recent Disney trip for free with Amazon gift cards I earned with Swagbucks. I’m such a nerd. 😉

Want to give Swagbucks a try? You can sign up here!


3 Responses to How to Earn Free Gift Cards for Your Holiday Fund with Swagbucks

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  2. Leah says:

    Hi RO! It is so much fun when I get my gift card code! 😉 Thanks for stopping by.

  3. RO says:

    Wow! You’re doing great with Swagbucks. I need to remember to do more searches in the future. Thanks for the tips! Hugs…RO

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