Debitize: Earn a Free $20 Bonus When You Link a Credit Card

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I was a bit of a skeptic when I first read about Debitize. It is a free tool that essentially turns a credit card into a debit card-of-sorts, by withdrawing money from your checking account as soon as you spend it with your credit card.

Well, I gave it a try over the past month with my Chase IHG Rewards Club card and I actually ended up liking the service quite a bit! Plus, when you sign up for Debitize through any link on this page, you’ll receive a free $20 credit towards your next credit card bill.

The image above shows really well how Debitize works. When I set up my Debitize account I had to enter my full checking account information as well as my credit card number, which I only did after being reassured by a member of the Debitize support team that my financial information was safe!

It will take about 2 weeks after linking your accounts with Debitize for your $20 sign-up bonus to show up in your account. I also received an email when I earned my bonus.

For now, I am keeping my IHG card linked to my Debitize account. I like how it makes me extra accountable for any spending I’m doing on the card! What do you think of the Debitize idea? Please leave a comment below!


2 Responses to Debitize: Earn a Free $20 Bonus When You Link a Credit Card

  1. Leah says:

    Awesome! Thanks for your support, Rocket! 🙂

  2. Bill Crocker says:

    Great idea to control spending while keeping credit rating up. Like a turtle, slow and steady pays off quite a bit. Just started my application to Debitize
    Regards Leah

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